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An Idea Of A Replacement Boss For Phobos


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We all know the new boss (or should I say, bosses) are a little.. underwhelming and also kind of dumb. However, I am a huge fan of the "Fight two Bosses at Once" thing, and the bosses they chose kind of have a pretty neat concept, just didn't work (I mean Vor, who is small, quick and can teleport while Kril is big angry guy with Space Hammer) So here is my idea of the boss while staying with the general concept of quick nimble guy with a big berserker dude.


There would be two grineer dudes, one a superpowered shield grineer who is far quicker and annoying than the default ones, while the other is a big berserker with a manticore or something. Now obviously, the shield grineer is invincible from the front, so you would need to take him out from behind. Only problem is his it buddy isn't to happy about you doing that and will either hit you, throw his axe/hammer/whatever thing at you,  etc. And also the big guy is like a turtle, his back is invincible, so you can't just sneak up on him and mow them both down.


These two guys will cover each other, and also they will take advantage of each other's strengths and weaknesses. the shield guy is quite nimble and evasive, but in terms of damage he is less than spectacular, but the manticore wielder is a tank and crushes all in his path, but isn't that fast on his feat. However, the manticore guy can easily catch up because his buddy knows switch teleport, and is very trigger happy about it. This can lead to some devastating combos such as: 


Shield guy knocks you down, switches places with the berserker, then he  (the berserker) crushes your poor, helpless character as he struggles to get up.




you attack big guy from the front, shield guy switch teleports with him, bashes you, then teleports back, and he crushes your poor, helpless character with his manticore.


So you might be thinking, well I can just play Ash/Loki and go invis then destroy the shield guy from behind, then worry about the berserker. But the berserker has a special sense to detect you when you are invisible, but can not communicate it with his buddy. During this time however, the best course of action is maybe let the berserker berserk a bit, and maybe he will hit his pal with his hammer/axe (Idk what the manticore is suppose to be honestly) on accident.

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We need Boom and his brother... Bewm.


+1 because Borderlands.


As for Vor and Kril, I think they work very well together. The only problem I see, is that Vor enjoys leaving Kril's side, which makes them BOTH vulnerable. If they stayed near each other a bit more and made us Tenno coax them to separate, they'd be a much harder duo to fight. But Lotus herself gives you the god-like advice of separating them. That's their weak point...sadly it's just a little TOO easy to separate them.

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Was I the only one expecting a Sand Monster type deal?


Or even if we stick with the grineer thing, I thought it was kinda weird to have Kril and Vor there, they don't particularly have a lot of synergy, I thought maybe Kril and Kela de Thym (I'm killing the spelling forgive me) would work better together but perhaps that's just me.

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