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Opinions On Dual Broncos



Just a few quick questions.

Is it worth keeping for a long period of time?

Would you potato it?

How does it perform in high level content?

If you've had one, was it good?


EDIT: So strong to two people and almost worthless to another two. Good feedback.

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i have Dual Broncos and Sobek on my Saryn for nonstop shotty spore poppin' parties.


The one thing I disapprove of is that you can only get it up to 6 shots. So once you get to 6 shots, don't lvl up the mods further because you will be wasting mod points and it will leave you about 5% away from having 8 shots. If they add another pistol capacity mod, then we're in business.

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The Bronco family is considered the shotgun pistols and can be considered the "double barrel" secondaries (that can't shoot both barrels at once). Anyhow, each Bronco version does not suffer from damage drop-off and fulfills different functions:


1) Bronco - Run and gun (Defensive)


2) Bronco Prime - Miniature Hek (Hybrid)


3) Dual Broncos - Run and gun (Offensive)


In terms of general performance (and theoretical DPS), the Dual Broncos > Bronco Prime (Bronco 1.5) > Bronco. Thanks to the higher base rate of fire, even with double the reload length and/or the reduced max clip size, the Dual Broncos will win out. All of the Broncos have extremely high ammo efficiency and are restricted to close/medium range thanks to the spread.


The Dual Broncos might not be worth keeping thanks to the possibility of the Dual Broncos Prime. Hence, it’s also possibly not worth supercharging. Still, with the high base damage (spread out over seven pellets), the Bronco family should still be able to deal decent damage end-game.


Personally, I enjoyed using the Dual Broncos more than my Bronco. I’m building the Bronco Prime and preparing materials for Dual Broncos Prime (if they ever come out).

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