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Solar System Interface Lockup And Cannot Select "play Now"


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This is happening a lot lately.


There is an issue where the game is waiting for a timeout (I assume) when I select a mission.  I try to click "play now" and it will fade to black, then return to the waiting screen not loading the mission at all.


When this happens I also cannot back out to the solar system map.  It basically locks up anything associated with the solar system map.  I have to exit the game entirely for it to reset and go away.


The only time it's cleared up is when it finally times out whatever connection it was trying to make, which is why I assume it's waiting for a timeout for some reason.

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I have this same issue. Just had to exit and restart the game at least four times when trying to play Aphrodite on Venus. Finally decided to check on here if anyone else was having the issue before trying again.


This isn't the first time either. This has been happening to me for the entire time that I have participated in this beta, during both the closed beta and now open beta periods.


Most of the time I can get into a mission just fine, but occasionally it will happen repeatedly like it just has. It seems to only happen when there are other people in active missions with space in them, and my game tries to connect to these, but fails for whatever reason. When there are no numbers next to the mission name, I do not usually have this issue.

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I think it is the problem of ping limitation option. I have set the limit to 150 and now I get this problem very often. It prevents me from joining a session on a selected map (client restart does not help) until the host to which the client tried to join will finish the match, even if there are 3 other hosts (which, I presume, also did not fit to the requirements).

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