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For All People Experiencing A Cowardly Vor


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If Vor disappears when he teleports mid-fight, most likely due to your frame stealthing somehow, he isn't actually gone for good. Backtrack to the nearest area where Desert Skates are likely to spawn, and he is almost assuredly there fighting them.


He always seems to go after these Skates if he can't see you, and he will teleport to them.


Hope this keeps some people from abandons they didn't need to take. Good luck.


Edit: 4 out of 5 times this worked for me, so far. One time my radar also broke, no longer directing me from room to room. This time, my search did not find him. I suspect something more drastic happened since the radar broke, too.


Edit 2: He sometimes appears to skip the nearer Skates for the farther away ones. I suspect he might just randomly choose a Skate and begin fighting it.

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Vor and Krill can also get stuck inside of the giant pod thing they spawn in front of.  While fighting Krill one time, I accidentally knocked him back into it.  He wouldn't get out of it, but I could luckily hit the tubes on his back if I ran in circles around the area.  After he went into fire mode, he ran out by himself (and I killed him normally). 


Also, every time Vor has disappeared on me, it has been when I've killed Krill first.  I even bothered to check the other rooms to find him one time, and no luck.  Anyway, my advice is to focus purely on Vor first, then fight Krill.

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