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Getting Bored Of Warframe, Now What?


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Steam summer sales did wonder to me. I was downright bored with Warframe at that time and I bought bunch of games from the sales. 


I don't recommend Torchlight, PoE or other ARPG though, they are too similar to Warframe. Try Dues EX or dishonored. FFVII optimized for newer PC is actually good and rather nostalgic. 


If all of these fail, try X-com and experience RNG in its most horrid form, 90% chance to hit and miss the shot for 5 times in a row.

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Play a Pokemon game. Those are insanely good games to take a break with. People always chuckle when I suggest it but seriously those games have some bizarre magical quality that just recharges your batteries or something.

Yay, it's nice to see a fan of Pokemon game! What I like the most about the Black/White 2 is the hard difficulty option for the battles. The trainers, gym leaders, Team Plasma, Rivals, Elite Fours, and Champions all have higher level Pokemons with different moves.

I especially like the coop battle with a friend for the subway battles. We would come with different sets of Pokemons and movesets to take advantage of double battles, like double Intimidations and AoE moves spam. Heck, we can go on the defensive and set up dual shields, weather, or heal one another's Pokemon.

And the best thing about Black/White 2 is the World Championship that allows us to battle against all previous gym leaders and champions. :D

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Like I said now what do I move on to a new game or stick with it and hope I get excited about it again or what. I stuck around to see the new tile set.


Right now I pretty much have everything that interests me, any suggestions or idea for another free to play game to go to after this

Play some dota 2 ;)

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