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Astral Awakening Now Recruiting l Rank 10 Mountain Clan l Academy Style l 24/7 Active Discord l New Player Friendly l Come Join Us!


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9 hours ago, XebenkecktheUndying said:

Played on and off for a few years. Recently got back into the game and looking to explore all the new content

Ingame Name: XebenkecktheUndying
Discord Tag: Xebenkeck#4972
MR: 7

Hello I've sent a friend request on discord, accept and reply to start you up

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Hi I haven't played the game for a long time. I'm planning to return to the game and I'm looking for a clan to hang out with
IGN: onur86nb
Discord: Shiro#7648
MR: 20
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Hey guys,

I'm a fairly casual player still learning the ropes but just enjoying the ride. Looking forward to diving deeper and hopefully meeting some folks to share the journey with.

In-game name: mheaney14

Discord: Pax Burgericana#9344

MR: 7

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IGN : maellegameur

Disocord : __omega_#5767

MR : 4


I haven't play this game for a while (2 years) and i only have 100h but i'm looking for a clan to learn all the mecanic of this game and master it

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 Hi everyone, the name is Jawwlz and I have played warframe before back in the day. Did I understand it then... and do I not understand it now since I just recently came back to the game.... NO! LOL. I am wanting to really get back into the game and understand it, I play on reg day basis, more on my weekends, but will always try to log on for a bit on my work days. I am looking to understand and get better at the game, but always have fun doing so,,, I cant wait to get going and playing with other like mind individuals!! 

Ingame Name: evilJawz ( can I change this?)
Discord Tag: Jawwlz #7196
MR: 6 

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