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Nova's Idle Animation


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Anybody else think Nova's unarmed pose is a little... off?




I can't tell if she's doing her impression of a British soldier circa 1770, or just doesn't understand the concept of air-groping...


Unlike other frames, I haven't observed a change within her animation either. As in, if you sit there for two minutes, she doesn't flail around or look around or rest or anything. She never puts her arms down, which is a little bit disconcerting. You actually get a couple moments when her arms pulse like the animation completed a cycle, but then her arms become even more tense like she just found someone she wants to punch in the face.


It's the dojo! This is like, the most casual a Tenno can be out in the world!

Have you tried holding a conversation with someone holding their arms that way?... Have you ever seen someone hold their arms that way for 2 hours straight?

Because she looks a little bit psychotic that way.


Any other thoughts?

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