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On 2020-09-10 at 2:02 AM, UKSTRYKER said:


Returning founder hoping to get relatively serious. Will need a lot of teaching but hope to learn fast. 

Hey there sorry for the late reply as well if you are still looking I will need a friend request on discord, to get in touch so that we continue.

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Game name Valaran1


hours played according to steam is only 472.3 but i was playing this game before steam too so i dont know how many actual hours i have in it but its a fair few. 

I quit for a long time but have come back and am playing quite a bit. I keep joining clans who dont have active discords and everyone is just soloing and its a bit tiring. Solo is fun but group play makes me happy.  Have a decently setup Mesa and am just starting to grind out my steel path. 


discord name is Valcu#2368


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