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Hard Crash Related To Sound


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I have this issues in both Win7 32bit and Win8 32bit - I'm playing a mission and all of a sudden everything freezes and there's a loud buzzing sound, indicating something with the sound went bad. It happens with speakers and less frequently with headphones - but nevertheless it happens. I'm using my onboard sound, Realtek HD Audio, codec ALC889A, Driver Version, Speakers set to 7.1 when I use them.


This is a very hard crash - the only crash I have ever had that completely freezes Windows and forces me to hard reset. I play a lot of games - you name it i probably have played it - but none of them or any other activity has ever froze my computer. I have,'t had a computer repond like that since XP - and even then it was very rare. Frequency of event is pretty high - with speakers it happens once or twice a day, with headphones every other day.

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Just because there is a "a loud buzzing sound" doesn't mean it's audio chip/driver problem, it can be GPU driver


Is anything overclocked in your PC?

Make sure you have all .NET and c++ redistributables.


What GPU do you have, does it have HDMI audio driver installed? maybe there is a conflict but I doubt it.

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My specs are:

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit/ Win 8 Pro 32bit w/ Media Center dual boot, separate drive.

Disk Space: 2 terabytes total disk space

Memory: 4 gig DDR ram

CPU: Intel E8300 Core2Duo @ 2.83ghz

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512 DDR3

MB: Gigabyte MB GA-E7AUM-DS2H (Nvidia based board)

Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio - Driver Version

As with all my PC's it is custom built by me.

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why are you using 32bit OS with 4GB of RAM?


Is PhysX on or off?

What's your power supply?


You could try using older GPU driver(s)


The first thing I would change on you PC is GPU (Direct 10.0) but it's money related.

GT640, GTX650 or GTX650ti (if you want PhysX) or something similar from AMD-ATI?

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Audio drivers/issues don't really hang the system anymore, now that hardware accelerated audio effects (looking at you, EAX) are pretty much dead and buried. Now they fail, and sound simply stops working. Still, the latest driver version on Realtek's site is Might as well update to be abundantly cautious. I presume this isn't a USB headset you're talking about using? That would somewhat explain the difference in crash intervals if it were somehow audio-related in the first place.


More likely the issue is GPU-related. Sounds like a driver crash that isn't being gracefully handled (that is, the driver isn't recovering). I'd suggest trying different GPU driver revisions, and ensure that the onboard Geforce 9400 is disabled in BIOS -- again, just to be cautious. If you're feeling adventurous, poke around Warframe's EE.log file at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe following one of these events to see if there are any hints about what's causing it. Although, the relevant data may be lost if you're forced to hard reset...


In any case, please update if you manage to solve the issue, or if you find any further information that might be useful.

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Since this post I have updated Realtek drivers to current and updated Geforce drivers. I'm not using on-board GPU nor have is it enabled (or ever was). It is a possibility that the crashes were due to other than the sound, that's something I still have to narrow down. Since U10 its been a little better, I still get lock-up, but not as frequently. I did find out one thing, though - the game only freezes when I play with the on-board sound (Realtek) - I have USB headphones that use a different driver and I have no issues with lock-up.


I'm going to play a session with my speakers and if it crashes Ill look at the log (I looked at the log today and its hard to determine the entry for past crashes).

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