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Give Us Option To Unlink Steam Or New Payment Options Through It


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I'm really tired of Steam Wallet and really unsatisfied with your agreement with Valve (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/44474-new-payment-system/#entry441982). I wasn't informed of it at the time I should be, so I didn't even had a choice. I won't create new account because I've already bought platinum on this one and I don't want to loose it (I've also made a lot of progress on it). The only solution I see for now, is not paying you more money, until you resolve that issue.

Options from your end I can think of are:
1. Unlink Steam
2. New payment options through Steam

I prefer the first one, because I've already payed for platinum on my friends account and I was very satisfied with payment options I was given. I want that payment options on my account too. I feel cheated because of this agreement.

To any who this issue may concern: Please keep this topic alive and without any offensive statements. I'm sure this problem may be resolved, but we need to show we really want to find a solution.

I'm aware there are topics like this one, but I've created my own because of title. If you know any other similar topic than please link it here, to show DE that it is an important issue.

Other topics like this one:



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People have asked for this in the past. It is something DE doesn't do, unfortunately. If you want to play Warframe, and you set it up through Steam, you can't use the Website with your account to process Transactions with all their variety. Gotta use Steam. Yes, it is silly, no, I do not agree with it, and yes, I would very much like DE to sort it out. 


But they won't.

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I suppose it's exactly as you say, but I'm sure there can be a solution, if only there would be desire to solve this.



With Steam (and Valve) DE and Warframe got more players/users.

However they are not doing it for free and they probably take some percantage of money involved (it's just business)


If I understood you correctly, you don't have problem with prices but only with payment options?

I use simple paysafe code for my non-Steam Warframe account. No need for credit cards, online banking, emails or whatever.

I don't know why Steam doesn't make business contract with those companies (DE can't do anything about it, they can only suggest it).

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The problem is I need to pay for currency conversion. If I'm paying through non-Steam account, I can buy platinum with my own currency and even via direct bank transfer. I thought about buying platinum today, but I've noticed that I have money to buy the amount I want, but I don't have enough money to pay for currency conversion. ;]

I've already bought some platinum through Steam Wallet, but I decided to not doing it anymore. I'm loosing too much money for currency conversion.

I have a choice to pay for it, or to keep my money for other games, I chose the latter.

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Does it even matter? If I answer your question, some may say its not much and others may not like it. Its totally subjective and that is not the purpose of this topic. I'm not looking for a way around this, I want this problem to be on the desk, because many players before already said, they are not happy about it and I'm one of them.


It should be clear from official statement if this will always be so, or it will change in the future (and if so, when?).


This topic is for people who don't like to be forced to pay through Steam Wallet, if you're not one of them, then this discussion should not concern you.

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but account made under Steam is still tied to a Steam and requires Steam

odd. ive used both and found neither of them tied down.


I DL'd WF when steam was having those75% off sales and bought some plat then activated it and uninstalled the steam vsn of warframe.

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