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Matchmaking And You.


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So, another day I came for Xini with Nyx and found myself in company of excalibur and 2 loki with default equipment. I took my best shot, but we was owned anyway (Ooops, can't sustain energy consumption without siphons. One is not enough For effective Chaos + spamming mind control). No big deal, switched to Rhino, joined again... Same layout. Basic equipment, starter frames, can't fight for s♥♥t, left on 5th, tried again...


And that's how I got frustrated because I've got the same pattern for 31 game in row. Yeah, sometimes it's wasn't braton MK1, braton instead, cronus, not skana, some fellas with heat daggers... but it's not sweating the pill.

Tell me, what the hell happened?

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