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Reputation System And Miter Blade


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Hey all!


So I've been doing a few runs with my buddies on Iliad on Phobos for the Miter blade, and after MANY MANY runs, it finally drops from Kril.


So I was having immense lag and I picked it up but it wouldnt show the name of the BP underneath.

I asked my friends what it was and they said that its the Blade.

So were very happy and we run to the extraction and extract.


But suddenly, the Reputation screen comes (The screen which has the skill honour and team things) and I cant do anything, Im stuck in the extraction screen and I have to restart.


I restarted hoping that the Blade was still with me but when I checked, it wasn't, I lost it.


I sent a support ticket to see if Support can get it back for me.

Meanwhile, my friends got theirs and were enjoying it, they started building their Miters.

Im really angry and deppressed for this


And for the Devs, Im not complaining here but can you guys remove that screen that comes? It really annoys people who have some good reward and cant even get it. :/

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