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Forma And Corridors


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I'm probably in a minority here but I don't like how it costs a forma to make any corridor. It just doesn't feel like I'm getting the full worth of my forma considering that a corridor's only purpose is to be something to link rooms which by scale and purpose a room feels more worth using a forma for. I get that in larger clans if they didn't cost forma they could build a dojo in the blink of an eye but I'm not necessarily saying make the corridors "cheap", just that it doesn't feel right that a forma would be part of the cost compared to a standard room and doesn't feel like I'm getting the most of that forma. 

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While I'm sure there are many that will argue against this, can we at least accept that it's kind of silly for a corridor with nothing in it to be so expensive? =P


If it was filled with trees, or elaborate fixtures like giant fish tanks built into the walls so that it was pretty and looked like it took some effort to make, maybe we could argue that there's some stuff in there that can excuse the pricetag. Otherwise, it's more or less just digging a tunnel and polishing the sides currently.


I think most of us would be a bit more accepting if the corridors were cheaper but the actual rooms that "do stuff" would be more expensive to compensate.


It also puts a damper on my being a pest and building a rridiculously large maze off one end of the dojo while the warlord's away =P

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I have to agree with you guys - I mean forma is the main resource used in dojo building (not the most numerous but the most important as it's usually bought with plat - at least more frequently compared to the other resources) so I'm tempted to not build any other but cross corridors so I get most of that forma - simple straight corridors feel especially worthless considering it costs 1 forma just like the others.

I would make cross connectors actually cost 2 formas while making T connectors cost 1 and straight ones 1.


Simply put this costing would be pretty balanced - 1 forma for every splitting. This would make T connectors a worthy rival for Cross connectors since as of now they cost the same amount of forma while the T gives one less extra route.

Since simple straight corridors don't give anything extra and are mostly only used when spacing problems occur I don't see the need for Forma cost in their case - they are more of a necessity than something we would use ourselves for like making a ridiculously long corridor... (in our case this happened because the parkour course is huge, so huge we didn't see how long it continues on the map as you cannot move or zoom the map that shows the "future" room on building screen - I didn't check that right now but at least it wasn't interactive at that time - so now I shall rebuild half the level... well we have to rebuild anyways so I figured I would use this opportunity and kill 2 birds with one huge stone).

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