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Camo Patterns (Explanation For Those Afraid To Buy)


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What is Camo Pattern? It is a Camo skin for all Grineer weaponry. It is ONLY A SKIN not colors. You can add colors freely as you please.


Desert Camo



Water Camo



Urban-ish Camo (I fail at trying to figure out what on earth is Urban)



Then the various randomized Camos





Its fun and looks great... Now if only we could add these Camos to all the weapons, plus Warframes... then maybe digital, and Woodland Camo in the future...


But seriously Don't be afraid to buy the skin its cool if your going to some winter land, or the desert... even if your going to be in a space ship go urban camo(Or Grineer ship camo lol)


If anyone else has gone ahead and bought the camo skin show me some of your designs you use to encourage others that the camo skin is awesome!

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So its basically a new texture, which can be recoloured differently?

Exactly! That's what makes it awesome... still  I want this camo on my warframe, and braton... maybe even on my Lex/Vasto so I can go all commando like lol...

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It is very nice of you to do this but it is nigh impossible to tell anything thanks to all those "wonderful" filters and lighting DE crammed in.

Welcome to the New Star Trek movies where Lenses flairs are shooting into your eyes from virtually every direction.

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That is nice, but I think 160 plat is too steep. Maybe if a sale went on or poss of getting for individual weapons, then I may be interested, but as it stands I'll pass for now.


I completely agree with you on that as I'd love to get it for my Sobek since it has such a dull color scheme but I don't really plan on put down ten bucks outside of plat discounts for just some textures I'll never use for everything.

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