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Camo Skin For Everything (Warframe Skin, Weapon Skin, Sentinel Skin)


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So I made a post about why the camo is so great in the market right now for Grineer weapons, but I would like to see camo available on Warframes, and every other weapon in the game, even the Sentinels.




Currently they have it titled Desert Camo not entirely true... its actually just basic camo that you can recolor to anything you want.


Now what if they can do this camo on grineer weaponry, why not on warframes and every other weapon in the game? How about digital camo, or woodland camo? As you can see in the link about it looks great on the twin vipers and can be rearranged for all sorts of things. Wouldn't it be cool to go all camo in the snow, or desert... have full urban camo in the ships, or grineer urban camo in grineer ships? I think it would be awesome. No real stealth mechanic, but personally going commando(not nude commando) is something I would find EPIC...

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