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Update 6: Hotfix 6.2

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Update: Hotfix 6.2

Build: [2013.]


Affinity, health, and ammo pick-ups are now duplicated when dropped so that all players have the opportunity to collect them.

Fixed Bolto & Javelin projectiles carrying enemies for unrealistic distances.

Fixed Rifle Challenge not counting kills that were made with elemental damage.

Fixed UI bug allowing helmets to be equipped on arbitrary Warframes.

Fixed being able to wall run through doors in certain circumstances.

Fixed player getting stuck in wall run animation when zip-lining immediately after wall running.

Fixed enemies killed by player AoE attacks not tracking in kill stats.

Dual Zoren balancing: Increased critical chance and increased critical damage.


Get ready for…

Gram: A devastating GreatSword!

Dual Heat Swords: slice with twice the power!

Boltor Model Updated: A new look for a new favourite weapon!


Localization Updates

308 French updates from amtarace, (kolookool), Ln_Fridfromedisailleur, Slick Joint

153 Italian updates from Edheldui, genesx, Kingdrake, kreel, Maleklum, pascalbrax, Saddy4, Snake3000

309 German updates from Afinda, Clemonde, freakysteo101, Noa3, philversprechend, Tillomaticus

102 Spanish updates from Deadly Shadow, RareApo, Rexgad, SgtSpectre, zineasta

204 Japanese updates from Gashin, k1sEy, lunarian, WhiteNekophus

237 Korean updates from SpringNote, Cushion

276 Polish updates from barrakketh, Flugcojt, iffyJinx, klops, SabreUr, Troold, Wac3

304 Portuguese updates from Azdragoras, BathrobeHero, Gnoman, Kokuen, Kysuke, Orphen, Tardivex, Tarmhorn, Vethis, vitorbf

346 Russian updates from B1ind, Dyshes, fafnir4ik, FedorHooch, Grayscarr, Moloxix, n7snk, (razer.crusader)

1105 Ukrainian updates from BlooDONER, dantistnfs, EvilAndrew, iKillUnicorns, snakusoid, ((raneydnext))

959 Chinese updates from AminoaCow, Keinez, Krisstina, loliconest, sternguard, The_BBQ

HOTFIXES 6.2.3: Feb 12 @ 4:30 PM EST

Fixed players randomly being returned to a non-functional lobby when loading into Grineer missions

Fixed higher level/upgraded warframe abilities not being available when playing as client

Fixed lobby attempting to join other squads after switching to SOLO mode

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Bloody heck! (Pardon my French. Err... no offense to the wonderful French people here, of course!)

And I just got my boltor too! I was just muttering to myself that this cool weapon still uses the burston model. And then the update! :P

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