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Update 6: Hotfix 6.2

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Who writes code in 1 line? D:

Also, you don't need to ever do == true. If a variable is bool and you put it inside an if, it automatically works according to it's state of true or false.

Thanks mate but i don't need lessons like that ;) I'm making games too and just write this way to ilustrate something ;)

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Put who in the what nowI'd go for some free guns, how do I get in on that action
A while back one of the staff posted a picture of what appeared to be a reskinned Braton called the "Braton Vandal". It's got a very pretty blue finish and lotus design on it. It's reportedly going to be available for 1 credit, unless they changed their minds.

EDIT: Found it.

We're still polishing up the awesome CBT-only weapon still coming your way. In the meantime, there will be an OB Weekend exclusive weapon - the Braton Vandal that will be available for 1 credit in the store for this weekend only. Feast your eyes...



Also, the Founders program will continue for about another 4 weeks. Get it while you can :)

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