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XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8 (LIVE!)


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XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8 has passed Cert is is going live TODAY at ~11AM ET. Operation Plague Star will start today at 2PM ET until May 22nd.


XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8 has been sent to cert!


XB1 Tenno, are you ready for the Sanctuary? Cephalon Simaris awaits your arrival in his domain. This build includes everything from Hotfix 22.17.2 up to 22.18.8 along with some handpicked goods. 

Once we’ve passed cert, we will be updating this thread with the official release date! 

While you wait, take a gander at what this update has to offer:


Tenno and beast, red in whip and claw. Khora and her Kavat companion, Venari, embody lethal versatility. Two bodies, one will.


*The ability descriptions below reflect the changes that were introduced to Khora in the PC 22.18.8 Hotfix that will also be included in the Beasts of the Sanctuary Update on console.

PASSIVE: The ferocious kavat, Venari, fights by Khora's side and provides her with a speed boost while active. If killed, Venari will reappear after a short time. 

WHIPCLAW: Send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack.

ENSNARE: Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Whipclaw will refresh the trap allowing it to capture more enemies.

VENARI: Command Venari to focus on a target. Hold to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures. If Venari is killed, use this ability to revive her instantly.

STRANGLEDOME: Weave a dome of living chain that ensnares and strangles any enemy within, and any foolish enough to approach. Foes outside the trap will try to hasten their comrade's deaths by shooting them. Crack Whipclaw on the dome to further damage any trapped enemies.


A uniquely styled Alternate Helmet for Khora.

Flowing lines meet sharpened spikes in Khora’s signature Syandana.

Launch a flurry of metallic quills with Khora’s signature sidearm. Use alternate fire to change its elemental damage type on the fly.

Tear through any target with these vicious, claw-like blades. The signature swords of Khora.

Precise calibration, rapid trigger-pull and a steady hand all combine to bring down the hardiest prey on two legs or four.

Sepfahn: A balanced Zaw Strike for Nikana and Staff weapons. A steady blade for steady hands. 
Rabvee: A heavy Zaw Strike for Machete and Hammer weapons. Measure twice, strike once... heavily. 
Dokrahm: A light Zaw Strike for Scythe or Heavy Blade weapons. Lightweight, for flash and bite. 
Shtung: A two-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact. 
Korb: A one-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact.



Got what it takes to enter Cephalon Simaris’ world? Sanctuary Onslaught, and it’s hard mode Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, are arriving in this update! Prepare for this new endless gamemode by getting familiar with the ins and outs of the Sanctuary: 

Prerequisites: Must complete The New Strange quest.
Where To Go: Talk to Cephalon Simaris at his Sanctuary in any Relay OR select Sanctuary Onslaught in the Syndicate World State Window tab.
New Terms:

  • Zones: The equivalent of a 'Wave', 'Round', etc! This is a new Endless mode, thus, new terminology!
  • Data-conduits: Portals to the simulated combat!
  • (X) Efficiency: The means to keep a Conduit open!

Rewards in Sanctuary Onslaught: 

  • Khora Blueprints!  
  • Relics! 
  • New Captura Scenes! 
  • Corpus Ship Freight Scene
  • Corpus Ship Freight Scene
  • Grineer Settlement Artillery Scene 

Rewards in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught:

  • Radiant Relics! 
  • New Captura Scenes! 
  • Kuva Fortress Crevice Scene    
  • Lua Balcony Scene
  • Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal parts and Blueprints! 
  • Peculiar Bloom Mod!   

To read up on what to do, tips to surviving in the Sanctuary, and to see the full listing of rewards (including Elite), visit the PC 22.18.0 update thread.*

*Khora Blueprints were removed from Elite rewards and replaced with Radiant Axi Relics. Other Relics were moved around rotations to fit - This update will include these changes and more made up until Hotfix 22.18.8 .



We’ve got another bundle coming your way that includes previously released TennoGen skins on PC! Get your hands on these beauties when the update goes live: 

  • Nyx Graxx Skin by Faven
  • Rhino Graxx Skin by Faven
  • Nova Lamia Skin by Mz-3
  • Rhino Vojnik Skin by Volkovyi
  • Magesty Orthos Skin by prosetisen



*max rank values

Nezha - Blazing Chakram Augment: Reaping Chakram
Ivara - Artemis Bow Augment: Concentrated Arrow
Equinox - Mend & Maim Augment: Energy Transfer
Mesa - Peacemaker Augment: Mesa’s Waltz

  • *This is a reworked existing Conclave Augment that applies to both Conclave and PvE
  • *Equippable in the Exilus Slot



Operation: Plague Star is returning for a second time! Get your best boil popping loadout and head out into the Plains of the Eidolon to go face to face with the Hemocyte. 

Plague Star will begin the day after Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update goes live, and will be active for 12 days. 

If you participated in the last occurence of Plague Star, your Operational Supply Standing will still be intact. What exactly does this mean? Any Standing you had left over will be available to use at Nakak in Cetus’ Operational Supply when the Operation goes live.  

You will also be able to use your Hemocyte Cystolith to build Operation trophies for your Dojo! As before, the required Cystolith costs will depend on the size of your Clan.

We will be posting a detailed thread on what you need to do, what you need to know, and more! If you’d like to get a head start and prepare for the Operation now, head on over to our PC Operation: Plague Star thread.


  • Added option to Return to Orbiter from the Simulacrum.
  • Added 9 Fan Art Displays that were featured on Prime Time to the Codex!
  • You will be able to Quick Melee while Spearfishing in the Plains!
  • Increased Nezha’s Blazing Chakram base Damage to 250.
    • Ability Strength Mods will affect both Health restore and Damage (currently just Health).
  • Removed Excalibur’s 3 second cooldown on Radial Blind.
  • Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should find targets more than 10x faster and will no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms.
  • Friends' current location/activity will be displayed next to their names in the quick invite panel (same as what is shown in the actual Communication > Friends list).
  • Made spawn improvements to Kuva Catalysts to avoid getting stuck in geometry or unreachable places.
  • Incoming Life Support markers will show in-world and flash, instead of on the minimap only.
  • Changed Fomorian drop rates to the following:
    • 400 Endo Common (38.72%)
    • Imperator Vandal Barrel Uncommon (11.28%)
    • Imperator Vandal Receiver Uncommon (11.28%)
    • Imperator Vandal Blueprint Common (38.72%)
  • Removed Weekly Kills Leaderboards and Leaderboard Top 20 placement notification. More info on that here.
  • Fixed several instances of the Eidolon Shrine breaking if players spammed it with Shards.
  • Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe disappearing if a large amount of damage is taken during its invulnerable phase.
  • Fixed Pets losing loyalty when transitioning from Plains to Cetus because they are presumed 'dead' during the transition.
  • Fixed Mote Amp showing up as an unranked Primary weapon in Profile - should only show up as Mote Prism under 'Amps' like with all other Amps.
  • Fixed Companion kills/assists not tracking in the profile screen.
  • Fixed Nezha Jinza Helmet Alerts defaulting to a Nezha Circa Helmet.
  • Fixed being in a perpetual loading state after accessing the Options Menu when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus (or vice versa).
  • Fixes towards the Cetus gates not opening, resulting in losing your rewards.
  • Fixed not getting rewards from Ghoul Bounties if they expired while you were still running them.
  • Fixes towards cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram not displaying a Damage stat in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Wukong's Iron Staff not getting as large/buffed as it should be for Clients during Melee combos.
  • Fixed Smeeta’s Charm cooldown being removed if you were to Revive or be Revived.

    … and much more!

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    6 hours ago, (XB1)DeluxeKnight831 said:

    which PC build are we getting ? a more recent one with all the fixes to khora and Onslaught or the original onslaught update build ? @[DE]Danielle

    This will have all the recent changes to Khora and the Onslaught mode. Things not included will be stuff from 22.19.0 and Hotfix 22.19.1, which is mainly TennoGen Round 12 and the new Grineer Sealab tileset for Defense missions on Uranus. Hope this helps.

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    1 hour ago, (XB1)DeadlyHoz said:

    I been waiting for this since the release on PC, but why with plague star at the same time, for me is going to be like the launch of onslaught is going to be in 12 days because I want to farm those hemocytes. 

    It's just to get Xbox and PS4 as up to date as possible, I agree that it's a lot at once to come out. But it Khora will all ways be there when Plague star is over. 🙂

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    I remember there being all this hype for our S&M Crazy Cat Lady, and then she received the most disappointing pre-release revisionings to hit Warframe since the War Within went public. So... When does Strangledome not become the most impractical CC ability in the game? Excluding Titania's Lantern from the comparison of course, cause that ain't CC, that's just fail.

    Can we get an Atlas style revisit for Khora? Cause the last rework didn't fix her most fundamental issues. Also, #feelsbad for new players who want to min/max Khora. Not only will Khora/Mecha-Kitty suck up their valuable Formas, but after crunching the numbers on endo investments...

    ...Running this kitty is gonna be bloody expensive, coming in at over 100,000 Endo (plus a Bite mod; OUCH). That's a 100,000 Endo investment to get the cattiest dominatrix possible. I mean, we vets can afford that kind of resource expenditure, but this frame REALLY feels gated to our community's newer players.

    This is not a cheap frame to min/max; and given what you get for that kind of investment...

    ...Well, needless to say, until Strangledome's hindering ragdoll gets scrapped, your investment amounts to a disappointing market flop.

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