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Gram And Reach



Some of mine melee weapons use reach, mainly because they benefit from the increased range.


On orthos it's usefull no doubt, on gram i'm having a hard time to be honest, i know it benefits the ground slam and a few of his attacks, however i pretty much only use charge with this weapon and on the wiki it says that the horizontal charge attack doesn't benefit from reach.


The wiki sometimes doesn't get updated unless somene actually mentions the change, so i have no idea if this "worthless" mod remained worthless.


So for those who know and used the gram, for charge attacks and charge attacks only, does the gram benefit from reach?


I would prefer accurate comments, stuff as "i think so", "check the wiki", "i'm not sure",....  are just as worthless as the wiki note. I want to be sure.

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Have you checked Reddit?


Nobody will know for sure except the devs in charge of this (and they might not even know) or dataminers. Anything anyone else says will be anecdotal evidence. And trust me, the placebo effect is very powerful.

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