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Yay! Necro Warframe Incoming


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It's Nova all over again~! Yeeey~



Reminds me of something from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Which has always been one source of influence for the art team.



It is too like an actual undead...thing. The robes are far too much. Hopefully they'll tone it down with the final result. It really looks like something out of Darksiders - which is not bad, because Darksiders is awesome, but not fitting for Warframe.

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I already was when I got Nova. Lmfao.



Then prepare for trouble,

And make it double,

To protect the world from infestation,

To unite all Tenno, within our station,

To denounce the evils of Corpus and Grineer,

To extend our reach to the solar stratosphere! (No word really fits or makes sense that rhymes, don't care.)






Team Tenno blasts off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!


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