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Leutenint Lech Kril Not Dying.


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Hello Tenno!


So I was playing Warframe today when I started hunting for FROST parts. I started fighting Leutenint Lech Kril with my Rhino and there were many grunts out there so I used my Rhino stomp. After that, all damage I did had no effect on lech. I destroyed his cryo pack, all 4 tubes were broken and he was frozen. I shot Kril a couple times and then he was unfrozen. He did not go into Berserk mode and continued using his gorgon. I kept trying to shoot him on the cryopack but with no luck, as it did no effect. I kept trying for about half an hour or so, before finally aborting the mission. I've defeated Kril before with a friend of mine and this didn't happen. Why is this happening?


I also did some research on it on the warframe wiki and it said this problem is caused when using the Rhino warframe and that especially when using Rhino Stomp. Please fix this ASAP as I would like to have a Frost. It's one of the most Bad-&#! looking warframes out there and I'm not so good at defence missions, so it would help out alot! Any other help is Appreciated!


Good day, Tenno.

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