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Question On Multishot



If I use maxed out Barrel Diffusion and maxed out Lethal Torrent on my secondary that's +180% multishot. Am I right in assuming that this means a 100% guarantee of a second shot being fired with a 80% chance of a third shot?

Also do my second and third shots get affected by elemental damage? e.g. if I'm using no return will X% extra damage be done on shot one, two and three (assuming it fires 3 shots)?

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Yes having 180% means an 80% chance of having a third shot with a guaranteed second. Secondaries got really strong with Lethal Torrent, nothing could stand up against my Despair. With Lethal Torrent they can't even stand up against my Hikou. I don't know about your second question, but I think it applies to all hits. I'm not 100% sure about that one. Not even 50% sure actually.

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