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Where is update 22.20.0?!


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The Bad News:
No update or hotfixes this week.

The Good News:

We have a mainline update cooking that’s packed with changes & improvements. We won’t spoil the details in this thread, so to get an early look at what’s coming, tune into our Devstream this Friday, May 11th @2pm ET! Who knows... there might just be a surprise Dev Workshop soon too! I see Danielle and Pablo working on something in the distance... 

Wednesday, May 16 Update:
The week of mainline has arrived! It's going to come tomorrow (Thursday), we have one crash we're chasing down. The notes are about 17 pages long. Get ready! The major items include Saryn Revisited, Dojo Changes, GPU Particles, and other changes and improvements!

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48 minutes ago, Void-Gunslinger said:

Let's hope that the "mainline" update is not just the pretty dojo lights and custom obstacle course. That will be a little underwhelming to say the least.

What does your heart tell you?


Sacrifice is coming in 3+ months

Venus is coming out at the end of the year.


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Think we will ever get arch-wing based rivens and arch-wing in sorties? or maybe a seperate sortie for archwing? or just new arch-wing content in general? I really enjoy arch-wing but it seriously needs more content, I see potential in it but without any decent boss fights for it and content in general people wont want to play it.
Arch-wing especially suffers now that the jordas verdict raid is gone, do you guys think you can start making arch-wing specific bosses? or maybe something like missions where you transition between arch-wing and normal mode but in outer space instead of water?

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why do i get the feeling that the reason, we are not getting an update this week, is because something always leaks from devbuild when big updates are close to release like with TWW. Its actually a three 2 update ahah.

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In a sudden fit of "I-have-to-GIMP-something", I just couldn't help myself and had to put this together as a nutshell reaction 😄

(On a more serious note, it's okay, sort out whatever you folks think still needs more polish 😉)



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1 hour ago, Blade_Wolf_16 said:

Melee balancing incoming? 

Yes please, Skana family, Bo family, and Cronus need serious love. Give them a pass like the Lato family and Sicarus family recieved.

1 hour ago, A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n said:

So this mainline update isn't Sacrifice? Ok. Good to temper expectations.

While they say it may or may not, and possibly wont, The Sacrifice doesn't seem like the material to ship on a 0.5 increment update and should be a whole digit, so they'll likely ship as 22.2.0, skip 22.5.0 and go to 23.0.0; but that's just what I think personally. It would be nice to see Sacrifice come mid-may too though.

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