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Where is update 22.20.0?!


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6 hours ago, Rawbeard said:

I really hope they delayed it to this week so they don't have to spend another weekend hotfixing it, so a release wednesday or thursday would be really nice.

They will always going to give a fix,so its not important if they late on release...its just there is always something to be fix. Its better to finish all this in time and get the update this week so that they can help on sacrifice and have that in the end of the month....

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The Holy Trinity

44 minutes ago, MrHcoi said:

I'll do you one better

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Why is update 22.20.0?!



8 minutes ago, Sasha_The_Lynx said:



4 minutes ago, Namastyler said:

...how is update 22.20.0?
I'm not feeling so good...


And The Trash Post Meme

15 minutes ago, Screamlord_Star said:

WHO IS UPDATE 22.20.0?


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For sure that if it doesn't drop today or at best tomorrow early, DE will have theirs hands full the entire weekend with bugs after bugs after bugs.


Rather ship it now and do several quick hotfixes (in succession) during the week than to do so during the weekend.

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yep agreed, maybe this is my "Wednesday and Thursday are my only days off DE pls" bias showing but I'd prefer having the update sooner with hotfixes rather than later and.....still hotfixes.

Ideally, since we didnt get anything last week due to them crunching down on this update, they'll have most of the bugs squashed.

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5 minutes ago, EndermanBeast said:


Sheldon: I told you it's less than or equal to, not greater than or equal to!

Scott: <looks wth blaming eyes to Steve>

Steve: Recompile 22 22.20 all over again *sigh*

Rebecca: I want my new Peculiars!

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