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XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

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Yay this went exacty how I thought it would. new game mode is untroduced and you want to basically force us to play it, nidus with infested salvage/gara with PoE bounties and now this sweeet... getting real old and efficiency really doesn't matter all that much as the farther you go the game just crushes you with too much efficiency drain. excuse my frustration but this is bad if this continues in the future

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On ‎2018‎-‎05‎-‎10 at 10:57 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Each week Simaris simulates a predetermined sequence of tilesets and Elite Specimens.

When will they reset?  They didn't reset Sunday night. Tiles 7 and 8 need a serious review and should have been removed on day one never mind left this long.

It is absolutely broken than you can get 2500 kills through zone 8 and still not finish it.

It is ridiculous that the few ways you can even finish zone 8 is with all the meta-cheese builds DE has said they are looking at removing (Trin/hitting enemies through walls)

You all couldn't finish Elite on your stream when the enemies were artificially low with little armor scaling. On the Dev stream where @[DE]Rebecca showcased her obstacle course there was discussion about the "Mario Cart Rule" - you have to be able to do it yourself before challenging others to do it... well this applies doubly here IMHO.


DE also hasn't addressed the solo player: In my opinion again - A player who can EASILY solo every sortie, The tridolon fight, and go 4hrs+ in solo survival should be able to complete zone 8 without resorting to Trin.  On XB, players who don't have Gold can't even play with other players.  


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Thank you for finally changing the elite tiles.

Now can we 

  • Have synthesis scanner stay equipped after using transferrence
  • Fix the bug where as client you need to transference twice the first time 
  • Fix the reloading (or inability to) bug
  • Fix the zenistar bug
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Bonjour a tous pour moi cette mise a jour est super il faudra du temps pour s’habituer est il y a des petit beug d’afichage Sur sertaine mission comme seimeni sur Cérès, mai sa fait 3 ans que je suis sur le jeu est que l’on me parle de pouvoir jouer sur XBOX ONE comme sur PC et on commence a voir le jeu évoluer dans se sens si sela permet au joueur a avoir une meilleure expérience de jeu avec clavier et souri je trouve que ses une grande avancer est la mise a jour permet pour les joueur comme moi qui préfère jouer avec une bonne manette de ne pas changer l’heurs Habitude   


                  Je dit félicitation et merci de faire avancer le jeu pour qu’il soi accessible a tout stile de joueur 

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