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Invest In Flux Or Supra?


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Supra is very good when properly modded, It'll feel slow at first but when you hit 30 + catalyst.
It'll be satisfying, very good for every situation. It has a very high damage output.

As for flux, I'm gathering the resources for it too, so I can't say anything about it.

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Flux is better end-game and its pinpoint accuracy is perfect for landing headshots or antimatter drop combos.


Supra is your low-mid level mob killer and all boss killer.


However, I will say that the Supra will suck unless you forma it multiple times (some forma it 5x for maximum goodness)


...also, might i add that the supra can use the new shred mod....and with speed trigger....wind-up time is a thing of the past.

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Flux Rifle is like the Energizer Bunny, but on steroid enhancement, that keeps on going and going. It's dead accurate and has no firing recoil. High armor can't stop its destructive penetration and things simply drop dead in its path. With ammo mutation mod equipped, Flux Rifle becomes the equivalent of Tesla car. 


Meanwhile, Supra is like an SUV that screams "dominance" and "power," but its ammo-guzzling nature greatly outweigh its horsepower. The slow firing start-up process and its piss-poor accuracy allows Supra to expertly squirt plasma projectiles of doom at stupidly fast speed that will most likely not hit any of its target at range. Supra has been known to inflict the "Leeroy Jenkins" or "Rambo" effect to its wielder, which greatly causes the ammo to burn out twice as fast as the wielder becomes dead aimed on emptying the whole clips onto one enemy that is 25 meters away. 

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Flux. Anything mid-close range is eclipsed by the serrated blade damage. The only downside is the range.


Both of them won't be able to maximize shred... (flux is not affected by fire rate enhancements and supra is not affected by puncture).


If you look at the mods necessary to make it work, Fluz will definitely be less needy.


Supra needs...

attack speed

ammo mutation


Flux needs

ammo mutation


If you add shred to both builds...


you'll only have 5 mod slots left for supra and you'll still have 6 for flux.


I personally build flux for crit. 200% crit damage. the 5% rate is pointless since it hits 10 times per second (at 20 damage each consuming 10 ammo).


Here's the build with 4 forma (VVVV)


Split chamber

Hammer shot

point strike

Vital sense


rifle ammo mutation



(all max)


PS i just realized that i built all my sniper rifles the same way lol

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Flux rifle is better if you want more 'immediate' results.


I've found the supra to be a bit of a 'gem in the rough' - doesn't really shine until it gets a potato and some forma. Flux on the other hand is very good from the get-go, but doesn't see such vast improvement with catalyst + forma-ing (still improvement and very much worth doing so though).


It's also a matter of playstyle. I personally love the gorgon and have no issues getting up close to the point where accuracy isn't an issue; hence I prefer the supra. Not the case for everyone.

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Flux is better if you're looking for endgame. It's extremely powerful because it deals Serrated Blade damage (ignores armor and deals 3x to normal infected). Supra is great because it deals craptons of damage and you can just run around and spray like you're Rambo. If you wanna be a serious gamer, pick Flux. If you wanna fool around with a hulking minigun, pick Supra.

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