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Best Heavy Melee Weapon For Rhino? (With Poll)


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Please use the poll so I can easily see the most popular option:




G’day guys,

My first Warframe, Rhino, is 12 hours from being completed (OMFG, LMAO, BBQ, PMS!) and I figure he just won’t be complete without a heavy melee weapon.
I think the only weapons I’ve excluded are Hate and Reaper Prime because I just want to be able to buy a blueprint when I get home tonight and get started.

Also please vote off practicality not preferred looks/skins.


What is your opinion?


Thank you for your input :)

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It really depends on which faction you're fighting and your playstyle.


Like to spam e against infested? Get the gram.


Prefer to charge attack everything to death, get Scindo.


If you want something that just ignores armor, definitely Fragor.

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I voted Fragor, because I think it looks great with the Brokk hammer skin if you happen to have it. The dirty little secret is, there's not much difference at all between them. Fragor ignores armor with normal attacks, but you shouldn't be using normal attacks. Gram does a little less damage with normal attacks and swings a little faster, but you shouldn't be using normal attacks. Scindo lies to its family about where it goes at night, but you shouldn't be using normal attacks.


All of them do a 6m knockdown on jump attacks, all of them do a 200 damage armor ignore charge attack. Pure DPS I believe the Gram hits highest with maxed charge speed and fury mods because of the higher swing speed, but not by much. Fragor is the only one that does armor ignore damage on its slide attack which either is or isn't a big deal for you. 


Basically, pick the one you think looks bad &#!. You can't really go wrong.


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for pure style Scindo. For "best" in game-play, read other posts and tons of older threads. Though Scindo is pretty staple, esp when Rhino is one of the few frames that can just wade in and charge attack with little concern for incoming damage.


For game-play, I prefer Gram, for greater mobility, but still pack a decent wide-arc charge attack (wider than Orthos by my feeling. I prefer Orthos on faster frames and spam normal attacks instead)


btw, does anybody get similar feeling when seeing Rhino wield an Orthos and seeing Rhino using a Lex? No doubt they are great weapons, but it creeps my aesthetic sense in an ironic manner (in that it felt inappropriate and yet I feel entertained at the same time)

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