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We Need A Trade-In Feature


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I can understand that introducing a full Trade Feature can open up a Can of Worms the size of Seattle but this is

not that kind of Trade I think we need.


THE PROBLEM EXPLAINED: (TL.DR check under the Heading "THE ANSWER")


Right now, with the Introduction of new prime Weapons, the game has taken a Road towards TOO Grindy.


It is one thing if you have to run a certain Boss 100 Times until you finally have all Parts for a Warframe.

You would be very unlucky having to do so but since it doesn`t cost you anything else in terms of Grinding

or Money, this is still feasible.


Void-Runs on the other hand are a lot WORSE. You either have to grind and grind and grind some more

to get the Keys you need or you have to buy Void Key packs. The 2 rarest parts, Braton P. BP and Barrel,

only drop in 2 Void Missions.

(Well, alright, 3, but that 3rd one has a Percentage of less than 1%, so it doesn`t really count.)

These 2 are pretty hard to come by and only in High-Level/High Waves Defense Missions.

Those 2 are T3 Defense and T3 Capture. Now, T3 Defense is propably the hardest Mission in

the Game at the moment and takes up between 30-40 Minutes usually. It is therefore not really suited for

farming it at all, even if you HAVE the Keys for it.

So, in actuality you have 1 special Void Mission that drops these 2 Parts...and that only at a whopping

7.37% and 12.65% respectively.


With having such a small chance at getting these two Parts after having to pay Money for Packs that might

or might not include the desired Mission or having to grind endlessly for said special Void Mission, it is

downright frustrating to the Point that one could start to hate the game.


Now, let me be clear, I am a Master Founder and have invested quite a bit of Money in this game.

I am Mastery Rank 11 and am currently actualy only lacking the Braton Prime in my Weapon Arsenal.

I am not a new Player who gets all Huffy about having to grind a bit. A big part of Warframe is about

Grinding, after all. But this latest Grind-fest has broken my Spirit.

After spending a good 1k of Platinum on Void Key packs, after farming Void Keys like crazy these last few weeks,

I have reached my Limit. I have received almost 100 parts from the New Void and yet I could

not complete my Arsenal.




Please introduce a Trade-In System. Give Players a chance to Trade 3 Parts or so of a Weapon for

another Part of said Weapon of their Choice. Ask for Credits or for an additional part as a

Fee if you think it neccessary.


That way a Player who has had a run of bad Luck is not punished for that but can use his hard-earned Trophies

(the leftover Parts) to reach his Goal anyway. Call it the Black Market or something.

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