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Death Of A Crewman.


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Cold wind swept through the valley as I waited, my few soldiers standing near, all not speaking a word firm in the knowledge that the odds where against any of us leaving this snow covered waster alive. We stood and waited, the minutes feeling like hours, none of us moved for fear that any action may just be the trigger to what would happen, but we all knew it was coming and it was only a matter of time.

I checked the sights to my Lanka, its weight and feel being one of the few anchors that kept me from running from this place, that and knowing full well my desertion would only lead to the deaths of several civilians, and my own as well. I scrubbed lightly at the visor on my helm to keep the snow from blinding me.

It was that moment I heard the shot, my ears quickly recognizing the loud boom of a Snipetron, an obsolete model we used to own, but effective as not a moment after I head the sound of one of my crew's helmets being rent asunder by the bullet, and the sickening splattering sound as his skull was annihilated by the impact.

I quickly called to my men to take cover and hide as I activated my stealth unit, running for cover myself, though further from my men as I attempted to find a good sniper position, I didn't look back as I heard another three shots, and the death cries of three of my men.

Once I found a position I quickly took cover behind some large rocks and took aim, looking back to where my former crew had been, only to see that they had been reduced to nothing but a mutilated mass of corpses. I cursed under my breath, and with some effort drew my sight from them to search for our assailant.

The wind was increasing in speed, making it even harder to see through this blizzard but it wasn't too long until I found who I was looking for, more worryingly however I found there was two of them running towards the door we had been guarding and the worst part was that they confirmed my suspicions as to their identity, they where Tenno.

One , clearly a male carrying a somewhat large grineer shotgun was dressed in what looked to be heavy amour, though it didn't impede his movement much as he manage to keep pace with his ally. The other was female, the one with the snipetron, this one sporting a helmet that's visor had some kind of swirling energy beneath it. They stopped short of the door and turned, causing me to duck a little to avoid detection, this however was unnecessary.

Once I thought it was safe I came out of cover and zoomed my scope back to them, they had moved from the door over to the bodies of my allies. It was then I noticed that among the bodies was one who still breathed, some poor guy who had been left with a bloody stump for an arm and would surely bleed out, but for now he was breathing, and if so I would try and help. However it was as I began to realign my sights a massive spray of blood erupted from his neck, and he breathed no more.

Within a moment another of the Tenno decloaked above him, holding a bloody dagger that it sheathed quickly as it made its way to its two compatriots. This one was another male, dressed in somewhat light armor, and whose helm somewhat reminded me of some kind of shark.

I could only watch now as the man with the slit throat tried to plug the hole in his neck, but his efforts to do anything where in vain already, and more so when a fourth Tenno caught up with the group only to raise its gun and shoot him in the head. At least it was quick.

She was dressed mostly in red, and has some kind of dress like thing that quite frankly looked like a lobster tail or something. She exchanged some words with her allies, seeming to be in some kind of dispute for a moment before they went back to the mission at hand.

With all of us dead the group made their way to the door, and I knew what would happen if they made it through, if they captured the tranport ship preparing to leave now they would have coordinates to everything, including our homes, and the people aboard the ship would almost certainly be gunned down by these ruthless "things."

So I did all I could do, as they reached the door I fired, striking the big one in the back and causing him to fall forwards. The others stopped and moved for cover as I began to charge my next shot, satisfied I may at least bring one or two down before they found me, my temporary hope however was ruined when the big one I had "killed" quickly got back to his feet and, with his allies, began to make his  way to my location.

I tried to fire again, but before I could the lightly armed male rushed forwards, and used some kind of tech I didn't even get chance to see before he had put it back, but whatever it was had caused my gun to no longer function. I tossed it aside and began to run, attempting to reactivate my stealth as I drew my sidearm. Though I didn't get far.

Suddenly I was yanked back, being pulled by some intangible force towards the female I had seen fisrst, though it wasn't her I was worried about , and rightly so as once I was close enough she stood aside and let the big guy get back at me, and he was not happy. First he fired his grinner weapon at me, and "luckily" my shield took the worst of the damage, but unfortunately he wasn't nice enough to fire a second time and finish the job as He then stepped back only to bull rush me.

It was a somewhat surreal experience to be fair, being lifted off your feet, so much adrenaline coursing through your body coupled with the confusion of what was happening making you barely feel the impact, though I certainly head the sound of most of my bones going snap, and I did get to watch the ground get swept from my feet as I was propelled back, only to smash with a somewhat sickening crunch against the door I was currently failing to protect.

Yet somehow, even now with my ribs mostly being what would probably be best described as powder and my whole body so far gone I was almost completely numb except for the somewhat strange sensation of blood seeping out through where my bones had pierced my flesh, I was still alive. I would have laughed if I could, but that was somewhat beyond my capabilities.

But as mad as it seemed my mind was still sharp, sharp enough to know I still had my job to do, so with a somewhat large amount of effort I rolled onto my back, only to see the four of them approaching. I pulled out my prova quickly, well as quick as I could, but they didn't seem too concerned as they kept their advance.

I crawled back from them, crawled being used loosely as it was more writhing and squirming my back to get back away from them, but they where in no rush, after all I was done for. That however was their mistake, you see a corpus crewman with a prova barely able to move cant do much against four heavily armed and powerful Tenno, but what I could and did do was shove the prova into the door control panel with the last of whatever I had in me. Short circuiting the door controls and putting that whole section into lock down to buy the ship some time to escape.

Once they saw what I was up to it was too late for them to stop it, and they knew it, but I wasn't quite finished as I placed my hand into one of my pockets and hit the button on one of the grenades I was carrying. This would be messy I assumed, but I didn't care as before the blast was even able to take place I blanked out. The last thing I got to see was the four Tenno begin to run for cover, well three of them, the red one was just watching me, but I didn't get to see anything after that.




A short story I wrote, and decided it may be a possible good starting point for my necro fan-fic of necro and warframe and stuff! maybe anyway. (necro being my temp name for the new frame coming.)

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Really touched my heart, I genuinely felt bad for the Corpus, especially (who I assume is) Nef Anyo. I'll never kill another crewman again without feelng just a little bit bad. The thing that bothered me the most, was Trinity, she seemed to feel bad for Anyo towards the end, even if it was just a little.

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