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Okay so, in the Livestream #12 today the Dev's spoke about burnout. It's a very important problem to solve because burnout affects player retention.


Right now there are a bajillion threads with suggestions on how to improve warframe, some few my own too. But while we're suggesting bits and pieces in different parts of the game they're still working along their own timetable of things to implement. So...



For this thread I would like to ask you, the community, to respond with what you think "content" is at this point, as in - what should they be working on now. I would ask that you please don't deviate from the categories below unless your idea of content does not fall into any category. Think of it as a retro poll system.



I think Content is:


Lore & Story




More Warframes


Enemies & Bosses AKA (New Grineer troopers, New Grineer Bosses)


New Factions AKA (Brand new enemy factions with their own origins. What Stalker?)


New Planets & Settings


More Crafting


More Clan Stuff



Note: Please pick from one of the most important to you of the above for what you think future content updates should focus on.


Please everyone - pick one of the above. ONE. One that is the most important for you personally to be implemented.

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But really, I think some of your categories are overlapping OP, new enemies and new factions can go together, or lore and new factions. 


EDIT: Removed two to keep the fundamental one IMO

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Bosses specifically. Bosses battles that require some strategy to deal with. I think the new Golem is a good direction. I would also like smaller levels for boss fights. Lastly, several loot rewards per boss, Frame parts a weapon bp and a skin bp.

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The thing that will most positively affect player retention is implementing meaningful content:


     - Not just weapons and all this other money making stuff (although any new content in any form and variety is always a welcome addition).


     - And not just new maps and tilesets (while those are also a welcome addition, and will always add more flavor to the game)




     - improving core elements of the game, which includes:


        1.) Improving current map types (which was discussed in the livesteam and has been talked about already)


             ---- such as changing current "Defense" mission type to a "Survival" where you don't have to sit around by the pod the entire time, and can utilize the entire map (hopefully they'd find a way to encourage the usage of the entire map) and making the other mission types more meaningful or give good rewards at the end.


        2.) Introduction of an actual "end-game". The "nightmare mode" just doesn't really cut it because, as far as I know, there isn't any point to doing nightmare missions on Pluto as opposed to on Venus, other than to feel good about your "skills".

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I'd rather see them work on the following.


-Mission Types


They're already working on doing an overhaul on a lot of the various mission types, so I can't wait to see how that goes, adding NEW mission types, and making older ones more fun and enjoyable to play will go a VERY long way to making the game more enjoyable. Being able to actually play any mission you want because you enjoy it, while still getting the rewards you need to progress would definitely be a huge step for making the game as a whole far more fun!


-Re-balancing of...a lot of things.


Yet another thing they're working on luckily. The armor scaling issue was addressed in Livestream 12, and is definitely a huge problem for anyone who wants to play Endgame content, Cutting out about 80% of the weaponry because they're useless at higher levels is a MASSIVE problem with the game, especially one with so many weapons, and so many of them that are FUN, but sadly unusable because they're worthless against anything level 50+ (I'm looking at you Grakata!) So a huge re-balancing of the armor scaling and weaponry is in order. On top of that with Mag, Volt, and many other Warframes unable to keep up with Vauban and Nova, they definitely need to re-work almost all the warframes to make them more viable and more balanced. While having tiers of weapons is good, having tiers of warframes is not! Weapons can be upgrades just fine, some are harder to get than others, but all Warframes should be sidegrades, and should be a playstyle choice, none should be strictly better than others.


signed of course, as I said, everything I want is currently being worked on, so yay me! :D

Zylo the Wolfbane

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