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Suggestion: Please allow players to refine multiple of the same relic at once

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I've begun to notice that it kind of wastes time for me to select a relic, pick the level of refinement, and then have to repeat the process one by one for each relic I want to refine. If i wanted to refine  5 relics that means I have to go through that process 5 times where I think I should be asked how many I wish to refine and save some time. And move on to the next relic.

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A good idea.

To be honest i think the entire relic system could do with a UI overhaul:
1. Change "Void Relic Refinement" menu option to just "Relics"
2. Flag vaulted relics in some way. Maybe add a red "V" for vaulted and green "V" if temporarily unvaulted.
3. Allow us to see and sort all relics, not just ones we have, at the same time. A table format could do this but I sense DE are anti-spreadsheet.

Oh well, here's hoping...


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