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A Sentinel


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A new support sentinel which doesn't shoot nor does it make you go invisible.

Just pure support. Revives you when you die for a max 4 revive. Heals you periodically. Maybe tanks for you??

Or just new sentinel mods that does the same thing.


1st- ??? (Potential skills- drops energy balls)

2nd- Refills 10% ammo (max 40%)

3rd- Heals 5hp per sec when hp damaged (max 20hp per sec)

4th- Revives you (max 4 revives)

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Or just give current sentinels useful mods... We all know the only mod that Sentinels are completely useful for is Guardian and maybe Sanctuary... Or just Shade ingeneral... DethCube just solos things for you (Done right pretty much wrecks anything below 60~) And Wyrm does.... Nothing? Anyhow I feel we don't need more Sentinels but instead more Mods that give them Utility. Like a Ammo Pick Up mod or maybe even a Loot Tracker mod instead of forcing us to waste Frame Mod Points on Loot Radar, there are a lot of things Sentinels SHOULD be able to do in my opinion yet can't. Currently they don't feel like Sentinels to me and more like lil decorations that occasionally refill my shields.

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