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Prime Skills, An Idea, A Way, And A Reason!


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So one of the biggest things about this game to me is the Void. When it first came out and even now it is kind of like that candy store you're allowed free reign to do as you wish with the money mom gave ya!


But...Mods...and a completely random out of X amount of items at the end is well lacking.


Lately what I want more than anything(besides cat frame :( Curse you Scott!) are alternate skills or "prime skills"


First off, NONE of these skills would be copies of what we already have, they would be new entirely(to that frame, Scott does still have his radial fetish!) Something I would like to see is if you get the Prime version of a frame you get 2 of the 4 alt skills with the prime version!


My idea is slap in some very very very very hard to find areas in the void, maybe even other areas in the game where you can loot about, within these areas have something like what we have now with the timed doors in the Void. Or to extend on that have these hidden areas with an even bigger secret like a shooting gallery sort of thing.


Could have a Void area where you have to shoot the Light Orbs (like in the accuracy mastery trial) fast enough and it opens the next stage where you are on a moving platform and have to do it then you unlock the door to the loot.


More parkour areas! Maybe an area where you have to simply not take damage once the button is pressed. Or a mini boss sort of situation where you  are faced with a relic of Orokin defensive measures (not just turrets that pose no threat cause you can kill em...)



The reason why I feel this could work is because we have PRIME versions of things which are suppose to be orokin tech in it's original state. So wouldn't the power output be better? Maybe it would be completely different than the normal. (and no the Alt skills would NOT be locked to PRIME frames, just you find the tech with the new frame so now you get them with it)


From what Mitch said a while back in a livestream, some of his hidden rooms not even the art guys knew it was there and so he had to go through screens and point out nooks and such just so they wouldn't be covered up by others!


Let Mitch make the most secret areas he can to hide away special stuff. :3


The reason I feel this would work out decently is because it would add three things. Challenges to the Void. a bit LESS RNG for getting something new. And it would add a layer of gameplay that encourages exploring over  rushing. And if made into things like the shooting gallery idea, frames would not be "OP" like Nova is for doing the current Void parkour things....It would be more player skilled.


This was written while a bit sleepy...comments, raging, whatever...I would just like to see alternate skills added soon adding more playstyles, and given in a way that is less RNG and more fun than fighting the same boss over and over.


Ni ni Tennos~

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