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Prestige Collection Retires Next Week!


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Make other Tenno green with envy with the Xbox One-exclusive Prestige Collection!

The Prestige Collection features Jade Armor, Skins and Customizations from previous Prestige Packs. These rare gems are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

This collection includes:

  • 300 Platinum
  • Excalibur Jade Skin
  • Latron with Latron Jade Skin
  • Dual Kamas with Dual Kamas Jade Skin
  • Jade Daedalus Armor
  • Jade Imperator Syandana
  • Liset Jade Skin
  • Carrier Jade Skin
  • Dethcube Jade Skin
  • Chrysalis Jade Sentinel Wings

The Prestige Collection is available now through the in-game Market and Xbox Store. This Collection may only be purchased once per account and is available until May 22nd!

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