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Charge Meter Would Be Better If..


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.. if it was optional :p

Plz it distracts me on precision range shots. Well flat out blocks my view o_o hehe. Pleeaaassseee make it a feature in options or something!

I have hit so many insanely far target lead shots and this throws me off lol

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yeah, really hate it. and kinda bugged when charging+reload.

just make it a simple light blue bar below the crosshair. :\

Or just make the crosshair itself light up. It's the whole red circle that gets in the way. I think the line would to IMO.

Please 1 up this post kind sir.


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It needs to be editable in the settings. 

2 things that i currently hate 
- Reload bug, where reloading with charged weapon will show the charge metter instead of reload one. 
- The color. I can barely see it charging (maybe because i have bloom turned off? need to check with) Would be great if i could choose my own coloring. 

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