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Mechanics Visibility


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I want to see more transparency in the mechanics of the game.

A fair amount of frustration I had in my early days of the game was having absolutely no idea how the mechanics of the game work.


Critical hit, damage types versus enemy types, accuracy from the hip/down the sights, frame armour mechanics, generic frame stats.


Some of these are missing from the game, and have to be worked out by data miners, others are easily visible ingame but are hard to work out their effects, and others are stated, but actually wrong (accuracy on a few weapons, hiku/kunai).


I'd like to be able to get hold of the raw data on some of these statistics, and use it for the community, rather than having to mine the data by trial and error.


I'd like to see an exposed data feed (xml or similar) of ingame data. Keep it live to the ingame effects, so tied into the local database, because having people manually update it can lead to errors creeping in, and also requires a person taking the time to sort out new data after every hotfix, which is a terrifying prospect (I've tried doing it myself, its a big job)


This would allow community sites to be able to provide accurate and up-to-date info on how the game works.

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Why post then? People like you only destroy the Warframe communities reputation.



On topic, it would be great to see more detailed stats of weapons.

Oh calm down, it was a joke, what do you want, for me to praise the suggestion? "On topic, it would be great to see more detailed stats of weapons." It's hardly anything.

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