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The Orthos Prime (Aka The Pretty Fish Hook)


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I loved the regular orthos since it simply looked awesome and it was one of the best charge melees in the game. I got myself the prime version after I saw they buffed it, but it just looks way too lengthy on the warframe's backs. In terms of basic aesthetics, the regular orthos looks so much better since it isn't the portable fishing hook that the prime version is. 

If DE could shorten or retract the orthos prime a little, I think it would make it so much more tolerable to look at. Seriously, the weapon is taller than most of the warframes....


Either that or simply rework the visual of the weapon all together but that require much more time and investment than simply shortening it. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Is it intended that both of the Orthos Prime's blades are facing the same direction?


If not, could one of them be rotated so that it looks like the Orthos?

If you look carefully, the blades aren't symmetrical. So they're used for different things and therefore don't need to be in opposition. 

The Orthos reminds me more of a gutting weapon than a slicing one.

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The Orthos Prime now shortens when holstered, thanks for the post! Should be in the next update


Awesome! I was seriously holding back on building it (have everything except the cells) because it looked ridiculously long. Thanks.

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