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[Update 22.20.0] Virtual Cursor Feedback MEGATHREAD - Share Videos Where Possible!

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Hello Tenno!

If you are a PC Tenno that plays Warframe with a controller, we hope to hear from you about your experiences using the new virtual cursor UI setting! After giving the feature an extensive try, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Please use this feedback thread to provide your reactions/criticisms/suggestions for the new virtual cursor system introduced for controller/gamepad players in Beasts of the Sanctuary 22.20.0! Please provide videos/images where possible to support your feedback!

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LB ( I meant thumb stick) no longer lets you scroll down the Menu - Can we have it back 

Navigation does not work - no scroll in the top menu pressing LB or RB and does not show missions at all (crashed) initially works with mouse but then locks

Other than that seems to work ok in foundry and arsenal

But the Navigation is a game breaker


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Please add an option to toggle the virtual cursor on or off, or at least allow us to force the KB/M glyphs instead of either Xbox or PS4; for those of us who use a hybrid controller/keypad + mouse control scheme it can get disorienting to have controller prompts pop up while we're navigating the UI with a mouse. I know that in theory it should detect what the current input is, but I'll inveitably get some stray changeover unless i'm completely hands off the analog stick. A good example of this is as i'm approaching consoles in the orbiter it will default to the controller glyph to interact (since i'm walking with the stick), even though i'm going to end up interacting with them via kb/mouse inputs.

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By advance all my apologies for my English, im French customer but im really disappointed by this new UI for game pad player


IMO the new controller and cursor changes is just horrible half of key dosent work like they supposed to do! 


 And the hybride between mouse crossair and game pad fonction for menu navigation / arsenal /chat box/star map/is absolutely.... 


fu cked up ! 


If people choose to play with game pad and not with keyboard on PC it's for stay close enough to Xbox and Playstation UI so why not apply the same thing for us ?


For my part the older UI is better than this one. At all point ! 


Give option for turn it off or something like that,but why force people to play with this crap ? 


I hope you fix it asap ! 


Thx for reading this comment 


Best regards 

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I can't believe it. I have been so disgusted by this new virtual cursor addition that I have been forced to make my first post to the forums. I will keep it short and sweet. I use a controller because I do NOT wish to play this game with a mouse and keyboard. If I wanted a cursor, I would play with a mouse. It is as if you are punishing people for using a joystick by FORCING them to navigate the UI with a stupid, slow virtual cursor. Not only that, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it in the settings. I spent like an hour going though the options menus with a fine toothed comb trying to find a way to revert back to the previous control method. Look DE. Don't do it. It is a horrible, terrible idea, you will have a furious player who will be forced to return back to his PS4 account just so he won't have to look at that terrible excuse for a navigational tool.

Thank You.

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I guess I'm already seeing some negativity in regard to this setup so far but I think it'll be more about refining this than replacing it. Also, we don't know what the full UI revamp is going to do either it may work better with this as it'll be designed from the ground up for it but anyway I'll drop some feedback of my own here:

I think the cursor feels smooth, a lot are saying it feels terrible I don't agree I think it feels good, actually. However, there are things that need to be polished. The PC controls do some things great, the console ones do other things great it's just the way of things. However, I don't think we should be fully forcing gamepads to do some things like a PC mouse, when their pad doesn't always do it the best way. Which is why I'm going to offer suggestions to mesh the UI more that I think would help both PC and console style control methods, here goes:

First of all, and I think this is really important for existing players that don't realize it at first, in the prompts at the bottom showing what buttons do, you may want to mention something about right stick scrolling. I feel atm this is crucial, as the cursor can drag scroll bars but it's annoying to do so and if someone doesn't realize at first that the right stick moves this it's going to make the UI look a lot more annoying to manipulate than it actually is.

Next one thing gamepad does that can feel more streamlined is jumping right to the option you want in menus. For example if I open the arsenal (in the old style) I'd push up or down and just select the item in the left list, then have a list of button shortcuts on each flyout option (equip, appearance, etc) this was efficient for gamepad. This however, is not so useful on PC which is why we have buttons to click, unfortunately I don't feel the virtual cursor is a boon here on gamepads but I feel there is a good hybrid solution to this issue which will also apply to a few of the other UI areas I talk about later.

First off, leave A as the activation button of what's under the cursor as expected, however, bring back the shortcut buttons for the flyout options like appearance/equip, also, while the joystick can control the cursor, why not let the dpad get some use? Allow the dpad to move through lists the same way the stick would have the old way, except you'd say "oh but then pressing A will activate what's under the cursor and not what's highlighted in the menu" Exactly, it would, that's why when you use the dpad to jump through a list, you make the virtual cursor move and jump right to it, ensuring that the next A press will hit where you need it. On mouse, jumping this cursor like this would be infuriating and annoying purely because mice have to move around a pad, they don't snap back to a center, the joystick does though so that shouldn't matter.

I'd take this same methodology I said above, and apply this to the other menus: In the foundry still allow scrolling and selection via dpad, I REALLY think doing this is going to keep the gamepad users a lot happier while also allowing this new functionality as well. Really, I think the only menu off the top of my head that wouldn't benefit from this is the Appearance color picker, as the mouse style cursor is like 1000% more useful here. Likewise, also apply this to the navigation especially, as the scrolling through event lists is generally handled better on the old gamepad style quickly and having that style stay in an adapted fashion would be good. Really I'd say to apply this style of usage in just about everything, the market, the codex, the escape menu, etc.

I think one of the bigger problems though is going to be the dialog for modding items. I'm not sure what the perfect solution here is that will keep mouse completely compatible. The cursor here in it's current iteration absolutely works. However, and especially in the case of new players (especially on console since they're using a gamepad exclusively,) if a new player doesn't realize they should be dragging the mod I think it's going to be awkward. However, the old system required selecting a slot and a mod to drop in it, and the mouse would never work on this screen if the game was in gamepad mode started via Steam's Big Picture Mode, however, vice versa was the case if you launched from desktop, the gamepad would not do it properly here. While the new mod dialog definitely unifies these so there's only one way to mod, I also don't feel that the dragging thing feels good here. So my suggestion would probably be to do something with the dpad like above, hopefully you can manage to get the older UI used to select a slot and a mod to jam in it, to not conflict with the mouse interacting with the UI also though, I know it's been an issue before.

Also I'd like to come back around on the flip side and say that there are not things on gamepad, that couldn't be adapted to PC better too! This scrolling through item lists and menus, sometimes is great to click on with a mouse, other times I wish I could speed around with the keyboard. A number of menus in Warframe already can do this with Enter as accept, Escape as Back, and arrow keys to select. Anyone that plays on PC will tell you though that the arrow keys are not in a good place for this to be useful as they're not near WASD with the left hand, and you'd have to remove your hand from the mouse on the right to do it over there. Likewise, while escape should always retain 'escaping' inside menus, if you wanted to press accept or back out quickly, escape nor enter are placed well for this with how a PC gamer would have their hands on the keyboard and mouse. So that being said I think another hybrid thing that would also be a nice feature to add backwards to PC players in the gamepad style, is to make one of the other keys near WASD be menu accept, menu back, and also make WASD binds work as arrow keys. This could allow us on PC to also be able to rush through menus in the dpad style that works better in some places like console players, that I mentioned above.


Anyway, that's my long winded thoughts on it for now, I may update this later once I had more time to dig into it

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It's horrible. I don't want a cursor at all when using a controller.

It makes navigating the menus 10 times slower than before. I want my old hotbuttons back (for example press Y in arsenal to access the upgrade menu, X to access the optical customization etc)

When pressing X to type something in chat, I can't just press Enter/Return anymore to send messages. Instead, I have either to use my mouse and press "OK" or switch back to my controller and press X. That is freakin' stupid.


Please let the players choose if they want to use this new "optimization" or not. Because as it is now, it sucks big time.

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moshhammer  total agree with you dude 

Anyway this new virtual pointer is the most usless and unappreciated part of this maj many French players cry about that 

Like i say before people playing with PAD on PC for 1 reason

they not like mouse pointer and keyboard settings so why force them to play with what they want to escape 

All people know who is painless to use windows virtual keyboard with mouse for right text like this one for example !

Its long, not intuitive, they have no accuracy and the feeling is horrible 



No reason at all ! Just remove this crap they have so many way for improve UI and control for PAD players but this one is no sense in my opinion

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How did something like this happen?

Quick responsive button presses replaced with slow scrolling and added sub menus. Simple right stick character rotation and left stick menu navigation in the arsenal replaced with scrolling to either side of the screen then rotating then scrolling back. I spent fifteen minutes fiddling and fighting with the ui to admire color palettes and different syandanas when I should have spent five minutes enjoying the visual flair this game has.

Navigation zooms in way too close or way too far away. I literally cannot select certain missions on larger planets because it's off screen and I'm staring at a low res texture blown up for no reason.

This feature either needs an endless amount of work on your end and a long vacation from my wallet or an option to remove the ui cursor.

I could truly go on and on about the negatives. This is really the tip of the iceberg for me. I have almost nothing positive to say about it. As others have said I play with a controller because I don't want a mouse and keyboard experience and that should have been obvious.

If this worked in general don't you think every console game would use this interface? They don't because it doesn't. it's either too slow or too fast compared to the responsiveness of a mouse.

Everything outside of playing a mission is fiddly and unresponsive at best and unplayable at worst. I honestly can't believe that anybody who plays with a controller at DE actually spent time with this ui.


I feel like it's worth mentioning that I actually assumed something was wrong with my controller or a setting somewhere that messed up the ui and not an update with a new control scheme. I spent half an hour going through the options to try and fine tune the sensitivity (and turn off this new ui) with no success.

Next stop. Internet and forums to see if other people had this problem. Finally the sad realization that this was not only intended but was touted as a "marked improvement" over the original.

Wow, and here I am reading endless posts of people complaining about damage numbers, nerfs, and reward tables. It feels like this is an issue that will just be forgotten because the general population of players are not using a controller on PC.

I'm just venting at this point.

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Added context and venting.
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A positive improvement indeed, but here is my initial input. 



Seemless mouse pointer transition from controller to mouse. 

Crisper UI with a few less bugs. 



Changing (A) to (X) for interactions has caused some confusion and no viable way to change this without fully remapping the controller. 

Using the mouse pointer with a controller has slowed down navigation immensely. (I love it when on the foundry and selecting mods and changing my arsenal) but navigating the star chart and chat menus has become an inconvenience. 



Removing (adding a toggle) the virtual cursor for standard controller use (its wonderful if you use a mouse and controller) 

A subpoint to this would be keeping the virtual cursor but enabling the use of it in conjunction with the PS4 controllers touch pad. (Not sure if this would be discriminating other controller users) 

Enable greater freedom for controller mapping (you're adding more hold abilities and with the introduction of the operator as a "Ability E" makes an optimal map near impossible (for myself at least) 

If using a controller, keep menu and star chart etc navigable as before the patch by using (LS) to snap between options. 



As you said you wanted to hear feadback so no doubt you'll be busy over the next few days to optimise this for the masses. 


Thank you. 


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As you say Astray the key binding between (A) and (X) is a huge problem as i not mentioned before but it's relevant! 

99% of games for not say "all games" have the same configuration on Xbox controllers (A) for validation and (B) for canceling

why DE change this ? Its extremely disturbing ! 

Just like me ; Many game pad player just rage about this new change 

I never leave a comment before because  im pretty happy wen DE make some new improvements 

But this one need to be remove, maybe rework or polished or simply make toggle option like experimental fly for archwings make people able to switch between new and old configuration 


Best regards 


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First and foremost, Thank you DE for working so hard. Using Big Picture + XBone controller since before the update (not launched from the actual BP mode).

Maybe the biggest issue for controller play is the loss of navigating with the Left stick and D-pad. It is very tedious to navigate menus even at 250 "UI Cursor Sensitivity". Controller users have also lost the ability to quickly select Matchmaking options. Pressing "Y" on an XBone controller still opens the option. However, there is no way to confirm the selection without mousing to it. Funny enough, D-pad selection works for highlighting even though there is no confirmation binding. The new controller-mouse requires you move the cursor for consecutive changes to things such as Mod config (A, B, C). I do love being able to use the new cursor to select names and linked items in chat. I also agree with having to target some menus, like chat, in order to use the Right stick for scrolling. Just really wish that we had not lost so much to get a few improvements, welcomed improvements.

Please bring back the original confirm options and stick/directional pad menu navigation.

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I agree with much of what has already been said.  The virtual cursor is really rough.  Please give us the option to change back to the normal interaction with the menu system.  Warframe is about quick movement and I can't navigate the UI quickly with this set up.  I feel slow and constrained.  Matching the Destiny style UI is really not enjoyable. I like the ability to scroll with the right stick! But please reactivate the Dpad and the YXA for Arsenal.  Thank you DE for listening and reading! 

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I think the cursor is extremely hindering. Transition between keyboard and controller now being seamless is all we really needed for any controller issues.
The old way was much faster and easier to navigate menus. I really hope this new feature is removed (or an option to disable) as soon as possible. 

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For some reason my controls are now completely different, which usually isn't a problem, but every time i try to change my controls by going into the controller settings menu, the controls don't seem to want to save. I press to save the controls and then everything is fine but then when i go back into that menu, the controls have automatically switched back to the default settings.

Even if i switch from General tab to Ability tab and then switch back the General tab, the buttons i changed in the General tab are then reset back to how they were before i changed anything, which is just frustrating. Cause when i happen to forget to swap "Focus and Transference" to another button in the ability menu, i can't change that button in the General tab, meaning i have to switch tabs to change 1 thing, then go back only to see that everything has reset itself causing me to have to do the whole thing over again.

Also for some reason, sprint/roll doesn't allow me to roll anymore, its really weird now. It only lets me sprint even if i change that from "sprint" to "sprint/roll".

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I can only play this game with a gamepad and there's nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than having my crontrols not work how they've always worked all of a sudden. Having to move a cursor through menus is so much more cumbersome and uncomfortable that simply navigating up or down with the d-pad or the stick, really slow too. It's really annoying to have this sort of change forced onto everyone isntead of there being a way to switch it on and off, it literally stopped me from playing tonight because of how erid it feels. Please either revert it back to how it used to be, or just add an option to opt out of it and have the old D-pad/stick navigation.

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My initial impression is that it is far less efficient to navigate menus including everything in the arsenal.  If possible please:

  • allow navigation with the D-pad
  • return face buttons being tied to things like "Upgrade" and "Appearance" while in the arsenal screen. 

Right now it just takes longer to do everything I was used to doing.  I can get used to it but that doesn't change the fact that everything will still take longer and require more precision in simply making sure the virtual cursor is lined up within a specific tiny box on screen.  Using the right thumb stick........



Just noticed another example for how this change brings worse efficiency.  When in the upgrade screen, using RB or LB to change configs immediately moves RB and LB function to mod polarities at the bottom of the screen.  So now to navigate configs I must tap RB, flick the right stick to reset the cursor, then tap RB again.  Not good.

Or how about this?  Let's say I wanted to go to the map.  Before it was just hit start then X, bam, you're in mission selection.  Now, you hit start then have to guide the cursor over to the navigation box, then hit X....oops the cursor wasn't lined up just right, hitting X did nothing, let's re-adjust....okay now we're in mission selection.  See where I'm going with this?

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I agree with what has been said above and want to add one important point

The new contloller navigation makes modding 10x more time consuming. We all know modding is such a critical part of WF game exlerience and this is almost deal breaker for me. I really have to choose between using mouse/keyboard (which is very unlikely for me. I dont usually play PC games that dont offer controller support but WF is kind of special to me, i have to admit) and giving up WF. I really hope the old controller navigation gets back

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Would like the option to disable the virtual cursor and switch back to the 22.19 controller setup. Also if you use a high sensitivity mouse the button art will switch from controller to Keyboard+Mouse in Menus.

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The new controller interface is slow, ponderous, imprecise and the button-use changes are baffling and arbitrary.  It is trash.  I'm not even going to play until it gets rolled back.  And if it doesn't, I guess I'll get those 16GB of hard drive space back, so there's ONE upside.

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The change is quite simply terrible, its fine to implement a new experimental change and give players a choice of using it. But to force this new system which now takes 10 times longer to perform simple actions is crazy, especially since the old style worked flawlessly.

I wont be playing much until its fixed, and the previous setup is made available again. 

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Hey guys, new-ish player, first time forum user.  Love the game and appreciate the willingness to hear feedback. 


The virtual cursor slows down menu navigation significantly on PC.  When you used to go into a menu you could very quickly navigate around just by hitting up or down on the left stick/d-pad.  There were also button prompts in places like the armory that expedited things like "upgrade", "customize" etc.  Now, any time you open a menu, you have to move the virtual cursor from the center position out to where you need it, line it up and hit the button.  It's very frustrating.  I had a new Frame to claim last night and tried customizing colors but got frustrated and quit out of the game.  

Maybe the virtual cursor could be on the right stick, and you could still allow menu navigation the traditional way with the left stick?  Also please bring back all of the button prompts, especially in the armory.  In my opinion the virtual cursor should be an option that you could turn off to revert to the old scheme.  


**EDIT**  FYI I was compelled to post in the forums for the first time by how frustrating I found the control changes.  This is my first experience with a big UI change so it was very jarring.  


**EDIT 2** Another post just reminded me.  You used to be able to rotate your frame at any time in the armory with the right stick.  Now you have to navigate over there, rotate it around, and then navigate back to what you were doing.  It basically makes the rotating function useless.  It was also very buggy for me last night.  

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While I appreciate the option of having a virtual cursor when I play on PC with a controller, I don't want to be FORCED to use it.
I REALLY miss being able to navigate up/down/left/right with shoulder buttons and D-pad.
I want the option of retaining that functionality.

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