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[Update 22.20.0] Virtual Cursor Feedback MEGATHREAD - Share Videos Where Possible!

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  • Navigation - when you tab over to the catagories the focus/cursor should be on the first option in the list for that catagory.
  • Equipment-Arsenal - You cant spin your warframe when you are picking colors or changing palettes.  Up/Down on right stick? is used to scroll through palettes.   Left/Right isnt used for anything?? Fixed mostly!! I dont see why you cant spin ur frame with the right stick when your on the eft most palette window.  But thats the only area your cursor can be and not spin your frame so thats acceptable  When your going through the different shades of colors you can.  
  • Equipment-Void Refinement - No relic previews on mouse over!!!!  (a big deal and something that got fixed asap for void fissures..)
  • Equipment-Landing Craft - Cant spin your ship in any way shape or form.  
  • Operator - On the new first screen the D-pad is broken as there are fake node points the D-pad will navigate to. I think the focus school screen with the 5 dots is also broken and has extra node points. Fixed! 
  • Operator - Equipment - Amp slection - No previews of your Amps on mouse overs!
  • Operator - Appearence - When messing with your Operators face the Operator looks at the cursor which tilts their head/eyes up and to the left towards the menu most of the time.  They are also constantly and repeatedly doing idle animations and fidgeting like they have ADHD making it hard to work on them.
  • Operator - Appearence - Body - Unable to preview clothing options In your ship or at Cetus....  Ok their is no preview on mouse over like their SHOULD BE but you can preview them by clicking on stuff ONCE.  You dont actually equip it or buy it until you click on it again.   Very bad design tho.  Need Mouse over previews!.
  • Chat - The confirmation button that you use to click on links or names will just randomly NOT work.   Just about everytime after you click a linked object but not just for that.   Trading is pretty brutal right now.   You see a nice trade you could make but you cant click the guys name so someobody else takes it.
  • In your clan management screens there is no longer a way to view permission descriptions......
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Who would care to joing me for 6 more months of this then full migration to ANTHEM on release, to much broken S#&$ not getting fixed but its ok keep releasing skins and new content that what people love looking good while falling thru maps, also how do i use the #*!%ing ui mouse on ps4... as soon as i move it the cursor dissappears 

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14 hours ago, (PS4)reaperchef91 said:

 also how do i use the #*!%ing ui mouse on ps4... as soon as i move it the cursor dissappears 

Mess with the sensitivity of the mouse.. if that doesnt work it sounds like you have your stick sensitivity set way to high.   By disappear I am assuming it goes off the sides of the screen and not actually disappears...   I've never had that problem....  The cursor does do stupid things if you open menus and stuff.  

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