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[Update 22.20.0] Virtual Cursor Feedback MEGATHREAD - Share Videos Where Possible!

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1 minute ago, (PS4)syowr said:

It went live on ps4 this morning and it's really bad.

Clan chat is just full of people complaining about it and a bunch are just putting the game down till its fixed. A bunch of us are even gonna meet up on Destiny2 *shudder*

What. The. H311? That is horrible, terrible, no good, news! I hope DE catches never ending flac on Twitter because of it. I hope people make such a big stink about it that DE is FORCED to do something about it. Just like DE forced us into using something that was never asked for and unnecessary.


Now, I am depressed. For a hot moment, I thought I had a respite from dealing with the PC Virtual Cursor nightmare, by playing my PS4 account. Not any more.

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..throwing my voice in with those who don't like this controller change at all.

i play on PC with a kind of hybrid scheme, and that's even more so now just to get by. i used mostly M and K in the menu with mostly controller in missions on PC...

until this change came along and slammed my ability to swap between with an audible clunk, only way i got by was by leaning on the M and K in menu's more. it slowed up even the occasional menu moves i did on controller to the point i was frustrated then. simple things like controller scrolling through menu's including dialogue gone, now im using a cursor with no way to revert...

I'm posting late for personal complaints, but i am here to say im really surprised it was passed through cert to consoles before they even did any further modding of this scheme beyond rejigging the confirmation to skip cutscene button through the PC version. really?! I find this to be nuts, and even more so that from the start there wasn't a revert option.

That just doesn't sound like the kind of option to take at all when doing a differing scheme like this.

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I'm sorry DE, but this is just bad. Really bad. There's no muscle memory to retrain here. Just an outright bad decision. The reasons it's bad have already been said over and over. If I wanted to play Warframe with a cursor, I would play it on the PC. There was literally nothing wrong with the way the game operated on controller. I have tried so hard to ride out this wave of one bad decision after another that has been made lately. But more and more this game is just becoming ruined. I have tried giving you benefit of the doubt over and over again, and each time I am still left scratching my head as to why you do what you do. I loved this game very much and now I think it's time to move on. I will continue to follow what becomes of these choices you make and I can only hope that it inevitably doesn't lead to the end of this game. You have asked your players what they want, they have answered and you have ignored them repeatedly as of late. If you come to your senses and undo this travesty, I will gladly return. It upsets me feeling like my current 3 month boosters and plat purchases and prime packs that I've purchased aren't enough incentive to keep me here. I will let them rot and expire without enjoying them because I just can't play this game in it's current state. I beg you to please reconsider what you're doing here and really ask yourself what kind of game you want this to be and ask yourself is it the same game your players want.

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First post, but I just have to give feedback. PS4 player, Mastery 25 playing for 337+ days.

This new cursor is terrible. Not being able to press different buttons to quickly navigate in arsenal to upgrade, appearance, abilities etc. slows it down. I find myself sticking to the d-pad to try and circumnavigate the changes. Right thumbpad no longer turns war frame around unless left thumb stick is hovering over it which is just a pain. And that's just my first impression. I'm a controller player, I don't want to be forced to play with a virtual mouse. If I wanted a mouse based gameplay I would play on PC. Please change ASAP, because dedicated as I may be this "feature" makes me want to shut the game down.

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Le 16/05/2018 à 20:15, [DE]Aidan a dit :

Hello Tenno!

If you are a PC Tenno that plays Warframe with a controller, we hope to hear from you about your experiences using the new virtual cursor UI setting! After giving the feature an extensive try, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Please use this feedback thread to provide your reactions/criticisms/suggestions for the new virtual cursor system introduced for controller/gamepad players in Beasts of the Sanctuary 22.20.0! Please provide videos/images where possible to support your feedback!

As a guy who mainly pays warframe via remote play on playstation vita, its even worse for me. I really want the old ui back or a way to opt out. The old controls were great. 

NOW navigation is awful. Modding is awful. Our triangle shortcurs are gone. Swappng warframes takes twice as many clicks. Everything takes at least twice to three times as long to do as before. 

Please give us a way to choose to use the old ui controls. 

This change is a worst thing that could possibly have happened tot the game for console players. 

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I understand with the new UI coming soon there's a need to bring console and PC navigation closer together. However there were several missteps I hope will be addressed in the future.


The virtual cursor is nice, honestly, as a separate means of control. But compared to a mouse or hotkeys, it feels sluggish and limiting. Removing the cursor travel time when using the D-Pad would alleviate some if this sluggishness, as would the slowdown when navigating near buttons. Preupdate, the starmap's VC was a little slow, but nowhere as slow as the current build's VC. Adding a cursor speed option and removing travel time would do a lot for usability.


Hotkeys, hotkeys, hotkeys! Preupdate, changing mods or appearance involved highlighting the item in question and hitting a button. Now it involves highlighting the item in question and either slowly dragging a cursor where to the tiny box and hitting a button, or hitting a button, hitting another button, and hitting ANOTHER button! (Right, down, A/X) Reinstating hotkeys solves this issue handily, retaining the cursor for scrolling and selecting objects out of large lists, while keeping core functions easily accessible.


Lastly, there are some minor nitpicks with the new UI.

-Extractors having no D-Pad support plus swapping buttons to select them isn't great.

-Having to highlight Warframes to spin them is with the right stick is needless.

-The VC thinking ability icons on the arsenal are selectable is also bizarre and needless.

-D-Pad scrolling is faster right to left than it is left to right, by an abdurd degree.

-Inconsistent cursor placement depending on where the cursor flies in from using the D-Pad ie: press up to select primary from the secondary, press right and VC highlights Equip, but if I press down to select the Primary from the Warframe, then press right, it selects appearance. Inconsistent cursor trajectories based on origin is a contributing factor to the UI feeling clunky.

-The lack of D-Pad support also extends to the "Leave Squad" and "Matchmaking" buttons. The first being hidden away and nestled against the "Show Profile" button is a problem, as clicking Show Profile on PS4 locks your controls briefly, which could result in a player trying to leave a squad, misclicking, being locked into the profile viewer and potentially getting dragged into a mission with a group they were attempting to leave. Compared to preupdate, where leaving a squad was easy, fast, and consistent.


Hopefully these issues get fixed sooner rather than later. We spend so much time interacting with the UI, we don't want to dislike the experience or spend more time with it than necessary.

Edited by (PS4)CommanderDubkip
Found a cursor speed toggle in options. Formatting and additional nitpicks.
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Also d pad on PS4 no longer scrolls. Must use right thumb to scroll then use the d pad or virtual pointer to select. What was wrong with just using the d pad!? Was a lot lot quicker and simpler. Now I have to use 3 buttons instead of 2, and it's clunky!

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The Dpad on the PS4 no longer scrolls which is awful. As is the removal of shortcuts and the need to click and drag mods. It's just awkward and not nice to use. The whole thing also feels a lot more sluggish, probably because you have to wait for the cursor to move. Please, let us choose which method of navigation we use if you're going to insist on keeping this awkward mess. You also can't use the D-pad for alerts.


Having played with it a bit more, I don't know if I can deal with this and may have to put the game down till it's fixed.

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Haven’t played it yet, but my fiancé is at home, upset because everything takes four times as much to do.

 We’re not pc players, so I don’t understand why this is being forced upon us. Hoping there will be a future update to implement a toggle on/off? 

 I don’t even want to play the update when I go home now. I’m pretty disappointed. 😞

Edit: He’s been playing around and the controls are clunky, and the holding a mod to attach it takes a lot longer. I’ll edit more when I play it.
Edit 2: Yeah it’s just.. horrible. I don’t even want to play because everything takes twice as long. Why the need to click,’drag and place? There’s absolutely no reason, especially when we’re using controllers. I get you want it easier, but it shouldn’t be forced.
 I don’t wanna stop playing this game; I love it. Please consider making it better, by fixing it or adding a toggle option for those who don’t want to use this 😞
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Re: Virtual mouse cursor on PC

I appreciate what you guys tried to do, but it was so much faster and easier to navigate the menus with the D-pad on controller than this mouse cursor thing.  Before the change I used controller and mouse for certain things, depending on what felt better.  Now I'm forced to grab the mouse to navigate most of the things I used to do on controller as well.  Please either give us back d-pad, revert the changes, or at least make them a player choice.

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don't know where to post feedback on the virtual cursor if I play on console so ill post it here. Please give us the option to switch between the new virtual cursor and the old version of menu navigation. It's like we have to choose between no precision with a high sensetivity or no speed with a low one. If that is not possible, it would be nice to at least be able to use a to change weapon/warframe, x to change appearance, and y to mod like we used to be able to. It would also be nice to be able to select the mod we want and where we want it instead of dragging and dropping. Thank you for your consideration


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Well, it's terrible at best. I have players quitting the game left and right because of these changes.

 It takes us 6-8x the amount of time to do anything in the menus now, chatting in game is now time consuming, modding takes more time and 2 hands now.

Why are our quick shortcut keys gone? (Triangle, Square etc to be able to move around efficiently.)

No more Triangle in the arsenal to quick select, have to wait for the cursor to float to the next object, drag and drop is a PC thing, we don't use a mouse so why do we even have this feature?

Chat must be highlighted to move up and down in it, I use that chat 24/7 as I run an Alliance and need to moderate the chat so now my work is doubled just trying to read everything.

Must now use 2 hands to scroll up and down in menus like Options, when before you could just keep pressing down and the menu would go with you.

Lastly, I have motion sickness and this game has never triggered it before, but now with the floating menu cursor gliding everywhere and not snapping directly to menu items I am triggered nonstop now.

Proposed Fix:
Give us an option to turn this new cursor feature on and off in the Options menu please. Bare minimum give us an option to instantly snap the cursor everywhere we want it to go using the D-pad, not floating it gently over because that wastes time.

Link to my forum about this:


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This is my first post, but I feel very strongly about this topic, and think that this cursor is a downside in almost every aspect of the game. When using the arsenal to upgrade warframes I find that it takes way to long to just change mods, before it was simply the press of two buttons and it would instantly snap into place. The cursor adoes not instantly snap into position when you press the dpad to move it, which makes it even more frustrating to use the market, options, and Arsenal. I believe that there are many improvements to be made in this and that regardless of the state of this cursor ordeal there should be an option to return to the old system with no cursor. I hope that you take my feedback into consideration.

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My take on this is that there comes a point in every dev's lifetime where they look at their functional, if not perfectly optimized UI and think, 'I can make this better, using what I know now, if I just rework it from the ground up. I can make all these changes that I KNOW will improve people's experience with the game, and I finally have the resources to make those changes.'

That's fine. A willingness to go outside the box and change things for what they think is best is exactly the sort of thing you want in a game dev. Innovation, a constant drive to improve, a need to make the perfect interface.

However, change can open up the possibility of mistakes, so there should ALWAYS be a way to undo the changes. Always leave yourself an out, especially when making large changes.

As such, while I do agree that the new cursor function requires a lot of reworking and polishing before it can be considered 'Done,' and while I can appreciate the effort and thought that went into redesigning the UI, it was an indisputable mistake on the Devs' parts not to include some way to revert, in game, to the previous UI. Now we're left with a half-functional cursor system that is horribly anti-gamepad and only moderately effective on PC, with no way to change back or opt out.

If the devs want their cursor system, that's perfectly fine. But they need to give me a way to use the polished, refined, and heavily tested Gamepad interface that has worked so fluidly for me in the past, instead of making this in-development system my only option.

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pc player here.

what works better: 1. change mode (public/private) 2. immediately quit a mission while in countdown 

what works worse: 1. modding screen just not usable 2. change loadout 3. chat in mission 4. pc players have already voiced in how bad this was and DE still shipped it to console players ??? really??

not to mention it used to have a much better controller system (i believe in steam big picture mode), and what kind of game developer thought using 90's Virtual Cursor system in 2018 was a good idea??? fire him! its lazy, thoughtless, anti-gamepad

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I find it very clunky to use. I tend to switch a lot between controller and mouse and keyboard in menus, but since this change it's been exclusively mouse and keyboard for menus for me. Please add an option to revert because the virtual cursor was an unwanted and unnecessary feature. 

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I've signed up just to offer feedback on this, because it honestly made me sad trying to play it on PS4 post update. I've spent the last six months doing software requirements + testing at work, and now Warframe feels like work.

Here's a bunch of observations so far, and I'll try not to repeat things people have already said:

1. The good old "camera moves slightly with tenno head when you move the cursor" thing that happens in the inbox is smooth when the cursor moves up and down but jerky when left to right. First thing I noticed, because the twitch prime offer from Darvo took me there first. Doesn't have as much of an effect if your cursor speed is fast, but post-update it defaulted to slow and was really obvious.

2. Trying to change my cursor sensitivity: First of all, trying to select a narrow row with the analogue sticks is a pain, so I chose the right row with the d-pad. Then you have to click and drag the bar itself, but if you use the d-pad it only snaps to minimum and maximum? There's no sensible increment/decrement going on. Clicking and using the analogue stick lets you choose values in between, but only really imprecisely.

3. That selecting an equip slot in the Arsenal does nothing at all, not even to select different equipment, despite it being the biggest potentially clickable area.

4. Trying to go from hovering over my Warframe in the Arsenal to clicking the abilities button more often than not means I pass over the corner of my primary weapon and make those buttons appear. Warframe gameplay is all about cutting corners for speed, but now I have to carefully go over to the buttons and then down.

5. When I open the loadout change menu in the Arsenal, which is modal, and use the d-pad: the cursor only moves to the menu to start selecting things if I press a direction towards the menu. Otherwise it does nothing. Usually I press down to start going through the options, but that does nothing at all if the cursor happens to be under the menu. I'd expect the cursor to snap to a modal dialog straight away.

6. When moving the cursor between mods using the d-pad in the Arsenal, it moves significantly faster to the left than right? It slows down as you go further right, and is actually slower when you hold the d-pad direction than when you tap it. Inconsistent speed is even more annoying than slowness.

7. When dragging a mod from one place to another, if I release the drag over the gap between slots by mistake, I can no longer put the mod down. I have to leave the modding screen and come back.

8. Actually, trying to put the mod down just now I accidentally applied my only exilus adapter. So, erm, one exilus adapter please? I was pressing X on different places in case I could put the mod down, and happened to be over the exilus slot. This added an adapter in two presses of the X button, and it wasn't even an exilus mod! Please can I have my exilus adapter back? It's now on my Rhino...*

9. In general, all the animations make it feel slow. I realise that when I tap the d-pad to move up or down a menu, it is probably still moving as fast as I tap, but the swishy animations that change row shape or fade equipment in and out make it feel slower than it is, and this isn't nice when you're already being slowed down by the UI.

I'm just...really sad about this. My partner got me into Warframe about a month ago and it's been amazing since then, but neither of us are really feeling it right now because the UI gets in the way and feels incomplete.

*I know, I know, I'll contact customer support.

EDIT: Point 4 is actually worse if you try to go from your secondary weapon to the EQUIP button. The button is in line with the top third of the secondary weapon bar, but the primary weapon bar expands to reach your cursor before you are in line with the equip button.

Edited by (PS4)Calearin
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The virtual cursor update on console is bad. Everything takes longer to do now and it has nothing to do with muscle memory. I don't recall console players ever asking for a change like this and the fact that it was forced out is pretty disheartening. Please give us the option to disable this horrible UI or just revert back to what it was.

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Yeah I do think the new UI looks nice, but why remove the button shortcuts? Why take way simply pressing left or right on mods to actually having to drag them around. Did you guys actually try and test this out? If nothing else, I'd love the option to change back to the old UI. As many have previously stated, if I wanted to play with cursor, I would just on PC. Plus, least I'd be able to scroll a lot faster. 

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Hi my opinion is I absolutely hate this new cursor thing. it feels slow and clunky no matter what you do there is a Reason I and many others play with controllers or on console I'm thinking of quitting already with the new melee system depending how that goes this as well may just make me I really hope they give the option on Console and if you are using a controller to turn it off 

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Checking in to say this is driving me crazy. PS4 just added it and I really want the button commands back, such as Triangle to enter the upgrades screen while in the Arsenal. No offense intended, it’s just that this UI control style simply isn’t good for general menus. I find myself using the D-pad’s remaining functionality to try to approximate the old style. Also maybe a toggle or if possible a quick toggle between old and new styles that is hot while in the menus such as the Arsenal might help. I don’t think Start(middle button) is used for menus yet.


the one nice thing is right stick scrolling. Holy god that at least makes scrolling through mods and Foundry so much better. 

Also it’d help if there was a slider in the options menu for the cursor speed. Unless I missed it I don’t see one. 

Edited by (PS4)Solenkrios
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I kind of understand the desire to unify command inputs across platforms, plus we still haven't gotten our hands on the upcoming UI and don't know how important this cursor functionality is for it, but at the moment there are a few issues I have with what is currently available after a short while playing around with the new update:

1) The drag and drop function for swapping around mods is kinda clunky with a controller simply because you have to hold down on the selected mod the whole time - why not click to select and pick up and click again to drop?

2) It feels pretty bad to still have to scroll with the right analogue stick even when using the D-Pad instead of the cursor to navigate, making it feel very disjointed - why get rid of the auto-scroll when using the D-Pad?

3) On PS4 (maybe Xbox) we still have no way to type in specific numbers when trying to select multiple of an item, such as mods for dissolving into endo, platinum in trades or turning in cores for Quills standing - why can't there be a button command to bring up the system keyboard and type in a value?

The only other minor feedback that I have in regards to the new navigation method is that it's a little slow compared to how we are used to menu navigation on consoles and will take some adjusting to (or might be nice to have an option to revert it to the previous method), otherwise it seems basically functional for everything that I need to do in game.

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Found another issue for feedback
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