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Suggestion: Color Presets


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As a player who constantly tries out different color schemes, I would love to see some sort of way to save your set colors for weapons and characters as presets so you do not need to manually set each individual color each time you want to switch. I find myself a bit frustrated whenever I want to try new colors out and end up wanting to revert to what I had before. The introduction of some sort of saveable slots to save colors in is obviously not needed and I'm not sure if it would be an easy task to make, but I feel it would be a nice luxury feature.


Sorry If my sentence structure and or word choice is repetitive, I'm tired and can't be bothered to make it sound better. :P

Hope I got my point across though.


TLDR: We should have custom color scheme presets to load, manually selecting colors for every weapon and warframe can be frustrating and time consuming.


Thanks for reading.


Edit: Also, apologies if this has been posted before/is in the wrong section, please don't hurt me!

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At first I thought "Why?"


Then I remembered all the times I'd experiment with my colour scheme, or try and find one for a new item / frame - find something that looked okay, then change my mind next mission, change it - then decide I preferred the original.


So yes, I support this. Hardly a crucial feature, but it'd make things quite a bit easier. 

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