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Brainstorm: Alternate Weapon Styles


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So for the primary slot we have a nice long list of stuff we hold like a rifle, and a few bows. For the pistol slot we have a nice long list of stuff we hold like a pistol and a few throwing weapons. What other ways do you imagine a tenno using guns?


Personally I'd like to see the predator-style shoulder blaster cannon as a primary that uses sniper ammo. Running around with just your hands out in cool poses with projectiles coming off the shoulder cannon would be awesome. Zooming in could make little lasers come up like in the movie, or something like that. Maybe it fires like a machine gun from default and charges up like the Lanka when zoomed?


For pistols it'd be neat to see wrist or arm guns, or just stick a gun on the tenno where the pistols currently hang when not in use. Switching to that weapon would have the same animations as the shoulder fired weapons so you wouldn't even see a switch, a different gun would just power up and fire.


Combine those with something like the Kogake so you have a frame running around on the walls beating enemies up while shooting at other enemies with various built-in guns.




For anyone else who doesn't want to play a ninja like it's a Rainbow 6 game. What else could we use besides rifles and pistols?

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