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In-Game Inventory And Gear Market


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Since both of the subjects I mention in topic are originating from same thing, I'll cover both here.


First, in-game inventory.


I'm a fan of Gorgon and Dera, which both have a habit of eating ammo very fast. To remedy that, I run missions with 5 boxes of rifle ammo. The problem here is, that in-game inventory is very unintuitive. To use it, I first have to hold down q and then mouseover whatever I want to use and click it. And while doing that, I can't have team health showing or the inventory won't appear, so I usually have to do z -> q -> mouseover -> click -> z. Since ammo runs always runs out during combat, and it can be in a hectic situation, using inventory is much too clumsy.


To fix it, first I suggest having option to alway show inventory, and then to allow inventory slots to be keybound (and while at it, enable inventory accessing while team health is showing. They don't even overlap each other so I wonder why it isn't possible in the first place). Then I could bind each slot to numpad or something so they're not in the way, but quickly accessible when I need them. Alternatively it'd also be good if I can bind specific inventory item to a specific key, like press numpad 5 for rifle ammo, and then it'll always use a rifle ammo if available from that key no matter which slot they're in.


And then to the gear market


Since I use a lot of rifle ammo, I also have to replenish my stock from market. And that is also very cumbersome. Open market, and choose rifle ammo. Buy -> Yes -> Ok -> repeat, usually like 50 times or something, depending how much I need to buy. That is 150 clicks and way too much time invested especially as each of those three buttons is in different place in the UI so I also have to move my mouse. 


As fix, I suggest adding items for 10x ammo boxes to reduce the amount of clicks, or adding a selector where I can first choose the amount of boxes I want, and then do the Buy -> Yes -> Ok part just once to reduce the amount even more.

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Yup the number of mouse clicks required to buy a single item is terrible, it's the same when buying and adding gear to slots - very laborious!


(1) Move mouse top right - Open Arsenal

(2) Move mouse lower left - Open Gear

(3) Move mouse to item - Select Item

(4) Move mouse to Buy button - click Buy

(5) Move mouse to Yes button in dialogue - click Yes

(6) Click OK button

(7) Move mouse back to item.... rinse and repeat steps 3 to 7.

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Fully agree, in-game inventory is clunky and pretty much forces you to stop moving entirely to use a health pack/ammo box/etc. I think it would make much more sense to let the Tenno use their inventory items on the fly.


I think a system similar to the 'mousewheel to select ability & mousewheel button to use selected ability' would be appropriate. Using different keys of course, but the same concept; key-A to cycle through inventory items, key-B to use the selected item.


Buying inventory items in bulk from the market is an obvious improvement, hopefully we'll see that one soon.

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