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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2


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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2


  • Removed the unreleased Two-Handed Katana Stance Mod.
  • Returned the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to its original matte material.
  • Improved the Hagoromo Zephyr Skins metallic materials at the request of the creator.
  • The GPU Particle setting will now indicate if your system doesn’t support the new particle system. 

Saryn Spores Fixes:

  • Fixed a case where Clients may get stuck unable to cast Saryn’s Spores anymore if they cast Spores on a target that dies during the cast.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores HUD indicator disappearing for Clients after Transferring to and from the Operator.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores not doing damage while in Operator but damage continuing to increase over time.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores active indicator remaining when switching to Operator.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores breaking if you go through the Onslaught Conduit while Spores is active.


  • Fixed numerous cases of presence vs matchmaking issues. This was causing issues Inviting players and finding squads.
  • Fixed DirectX 9 crashes related to turning off Multi-threaded rendering.
  • Fixed a progression stopping crash in The War Within.
  • Fixed cases of not being able to place Decorations or Polychrome in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Gear wheel losing functionality when opening it while switching from Fishing to a different item.
  • Fixed ‘GPU Particles’ not appearing disabled when not supported. The setting would be greyed out and could not be changed, despite showing a value indicating that it should be active.
  • Fixed appearing to have a plethora of empty Slots in your Inventory. These Slots were not actually useable.
  • Fixed missing Inventory items in the last category that gets loaded (which is also the only category for screens like Fish selection).
  • Fixed the Tigris no longer having its PBR textures. 
  • Fixed numerous of the newly PBR’d weapons not applying custom Energy color.
  • Fixed Equinox Clisthert Helmet not applying custom Energy color.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara and Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge not applying custom Energy color.
  • Fixed holding 2 Hystrix’s instead of the intended 1.
  • Fixed not being able to F6 screenshot while in Decoration mode.
  • Fixed a potential crash when joining a mission.
  • Fixed crashing at End of Mission when playing Lunaro.
  • Fixes towards crashes related to particles.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed [PH] text in the new Spear Fishing HUD.

Missed Fix:

  • Fixed the Commodore Prime Operator suit and Excalibur Dex Skin having incorrect textures.
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When can the rewards for Elite Onslaught Rotation C become more consistent with the release of the game mode? Since Khora parts were replaced with Radiant Axi Relics, Braton Vandal Stock, Lato Vandal Barrel, and Peculiar Bloom dropped from 3.16% drop chance to 2.46%, and after the introduction of Peculiar Growth, it is further reduced to 2.21%. Why is there continued dilution instead of consistency?

The chance to receive Endo or Radiant Neo relics needs to be reduced to standardize the rewards of these parts and the Radiant Axi Relics to their original drop chance of 3.16%. Consistency between patches for drop rates is important. The Official PC drop rates for Warframe can be found here.

This is inexcusable:


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You need to put back controller options to "Optional" because you broke the game for peopel that use a controller. Chat takes forever to get to. Trying to move a mouse around instead of D-Pad...come on.

Also you can't even do a "Sleep" focus farm anymore. You literally made it where they hear you from 50+meters away just walking. Bravo on screw up the game royally.

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Can we turn this off....

"Controller + Cursor Changes:
Launching with this Mainline update is an experimental 'virtual cursor' for PC! If you use a Controller on PC, you will now find there is a seamless transition between Mouse & Keyboard + Controller! Icons and UI will also reflect those of a Controller when seamlessly transitioning between them. Please let us know how you like it - it should be a marked improvement from our incomplete controller support!"

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