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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2

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Is it just me or does Saryn feel bad with party play? It seems like spores are dramatically impaired in party play. Where your teammates killing is a bad thing.

Would an increase in spore spread maybe 2 or 3, or working like the old spores and spreading on death make Saryn welcome in a party instead of a hindrance to the party?

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Placement of the Kiteer Sekhara is still misaligned. They sit much closer to your shoulders and clip into most armor pieces, also the actual rotating Kiteer logo is now way too bright and doesnt match the color at all.

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Sentinel mods: Y E S. 

Scarab syandana PBR: Y E S - also I didn't see this gem in the notes at all. 


Khora stuff:

-Good, although you guys made it sound on the stream like the Whipclaw radius would be affected by reach mods on your melee weapon *reluctantly puts away the Primed Reach*.

-Venari's damage really ought to scale more with our power strength, armor and shields with mods that affect the frame (not just the pet Link mods!). And while the teleport is a good start, Command should instantly deliver the effects of the ability upon her arrival, not a 1-2 sort of deal. If you take the time to mark a particular target for Command's Snare or Disarm, it ought to be worth using and not just be an inferior Ensnare. 

Other than that I am, overall, enjoying Khora quite a lot. Like, 10 forma deep into her and Venari so far kind of 'a lot'. 



Saryn rework feedback: 

-Make Spores' detonation triggered by holding the ability, not just re-clicking it. Clicking the ability multiple times is a commonly-employed hail mary to land an ability that won't fire off unless an enemy is directly in your reticule, and this current setup leads to a lot of inane flopping just trying to get a contagion going. Thematically I don't really see a reason such a virulent contagion would be bound to only one point of entry to the battlefield at a time. 

-Still needs some form of toughness or cc. Molt's distraction range is far too small to provide her with proper safety. 2.5x its range and couple its detonation with a Blast proc (as well as the Toxin), or make Toxic Lash's block buff be straight damage reduction. 

The general playstyle feels much better now, for sure, but my original stance of her needing some sort of self-defensive capacity remains unchanged. Think the above buffs are too much? Just dial down the scaling on Spores ever-so slightly to compensate, simple. 


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The new fishing UI, while neat, doesn't quite work with xbox controllers, there's no button promps to switch between spears, bait and tackle, and i can't rebind them to any buttons on the controller forcing me to use keyboard and mouse when fishing.

Can we get an option to turn this off or will this be fixed? It was easier to use the gear wheel to switch between all my fishing gear.

EDIT: had to change around my keybindings to make the fishing UI work. had to actually use the Ability Menu button on the DPad down to make it function.

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Finished patching, optimized then restarted to double check for another update. Warframe now starts windowed then rapidly flickers between windowed and full-screen while displaying only black. I have to alt+tab then task manager kill it every time.


Edit: Of course it now suddenly works.... IDK George, so random

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7 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2

  • Returned the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to its original matte material.


The old matte material made the skin so much worse. I was overjoyed when they said they changed it to a metallic material instead, because I loved the skin, but couldn't use it because the matte material made it so it wasn't lit correctly, and it looked terrible.

Pardon my language, but what the f*ck.

Revert this reversion. The metallic material made the skin better, and usable with Zephyr Prime.

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2 hours ago, Tokomi_ said:

Oh, it's intended (according to Region chat - PC). No it's not in the notes on the post. They're laughing at us right this second. GG DE 🙂 I'm still going to play your game though, so you win.

Goes to show ya, never listed to Region chat. About what DE is thinking at least. Its a BUG most likely because people are complaining about not being able to cast Spores on Allies with the augment. So something is wrong with the ability cast on friendly unit for Spore, ie Tenno/Molt.

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Don't know if intended, but Focus farming with Equinox in Adaro was killed. Enemies get alerted even under sleep, they get alerted by seeing others getting affected by sleep, so on, so on.. long story short, no more stealth multipliers.

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7 hours ago, --Q--Voltage said:

When can the rewards for Elite Onslaught Rotation C become more consistent with the release of the game mode? Since Khora parts were replaced with Radiant Axi Relics, Braton Vandal Stock, Lato Vandal Barrel, and Peculiar Bloom dropped from 3.16% drop chance to 2.46%, and after the introduction of Peculiar Growth, it is further reduced to 2.21%. Why is there continued dilution instead of consistency?

The chance to receive Endo or Radiant Neo relics needs to be reduced to standardize the rewards of these parts and the Radiant Axi Relics to their original drop chance of 3.16%. Consistency between patches for drop rates is important. The Official PC drop rates for Warframe can be found here.

This is inexcusable:


... Instead of removing not so useful drops, they added more... Guess I'll have to play the mode a thousand times to get my Lato Vandal now 😞

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I have had a problem with the primary color on the Dex Excalibur skin: before the update of the lighting and such, it was bright white that I choose, now after the update the same picked color gives me a dull gray look with broken textures on the head ( sharp lines on top of the head that show now, that weren’t there before)

anyone has problems with the primary color showing different than before on the Dex Excalibur skin?

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7 hours ago, Quillu said:

Drop rates are too diluted, if you're playing elite onslaught you're at the stage in the game where you dont need random 750 endo drops

Actually, the only thing I might need from Elite Onslaught are a couple of Axi relics, Peculiar mods, Focus and Endo. So no, there are people who want that endo without grinding particular missions to obtain the currency.

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Okay. So. Two things, both of which have only come up since the updates dropped today.

First and foremost, whenever I'm in a mission get my Kohm spun up for the first time, the "ooh boy here it comes" electric motor wirring noise that goes with the spinning cylinder never stops, for the rest of the mission. It is incredibly annoying, and has happened in all missions I've played with it so far since the updates.

Secondly, my Chroma's Spectral Scream appears to have a fire-colored aftereffect/co-effect independent of my energy color. It doesn't deal damage or change the element or affect gameplay in any way, but it's somewhat distracting-- especially when it is persisting for several minutes after the original cast, as seen below. Sometimes it persists, sometimes it is concurrent with the cast, sometimes both.UU8Mc0f.png

(I'd put a pic of the other thing, but unfortunately you can't really screencap a buzzing noise)

Liking the game otherwise!

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Game keeps freezing and not responding whenever i look at my gun mods through the arsenal.

oh, and....The Sword and Shield Danaus Skin is still bugged and the inaros blind and stab glitch is still happening.

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Il y a 2 heures, kostap956 a dit :

if we are beta testers, tell us

We actually ARE (at least on PC).

Not that it excuses the bugs/wrong choices/unforeseen consequences, but DE has both a good AND a bad point on this:

good point : they try things others wouldn't dare, and are really commited to hotfixing.

bad point : they (sort of need to) update constantly (to keep the playerbase interested) and thus tend to "forget about" things they still haven't fixed, while dishing out tons of new things.

The bottom line is that, even if you add 100 new things, and only half of them need fixing, there is always these few "in-need-of-a-fix-things" that go unnoticed, and will only be fixed much later, if at all. This makes an ever growing list of small things needing fixes, usually those with no "obvious" solution, code-wise, or requiring some major overhaul on some other part of the code in order to do so, although the logic and/or goal of the fix are obvious to everyone. It means it takes time for the devs to fix those, without bringing anything "new" or even noticeable, for the players; time that could be spent on new things, which are usually bringing more money.

Maybe DE should have a small team dedicated to those late-fixes, and hold a poll with a selection of those old bugs, to know what the community think is the most important thing to fix, and after each fix, renew the poll for the next one. Given enough time, DE would get rid of all those late-bugs, while having the community involved in it.


About the current situation, to sum up what needs fixing/reviewing after this update

-Saryn's bugs/interactions (some need fixing, no doubt they are already at it, some need clarification for those that missed the previous explanations, like unsporable molt etc, and some maybe need rethinking, like the "saryn must burst her own spore" problem, preventing teamplay)

-Loot dilution after this update, in (E) Sanctuary Onslaught. This is where some sort of "token based currency" could be used, literaly granting varying (RNG) amount of tokens, plus an extra quantity for the score, and have simaris trade these tokens for khora bps, lato vandal & braton vandal parts/bps, peculiar mods, relics and Endo. For those saying "hey, there isn't anything like it yet in the game it's gonna take a long time to implement" well... no. It's basically what the syndicates are. When operation PlagueStar is on, you get to trade those points for fish parts, blueprints, cosmetics, cetus wisps, and nyth/sentirum rocks minerals. When you have 20K pts to spare in any of the 6 base syndicates, you can have 3 random relics with one guaranteed neo/axi... Since it's Simaris Simulation, let me "coin" the token's name as 'SimCoin'.

-broken lighting in dojos etc : The intent is good, but I guess we expected to have "default values" kept until we decide to actually change anything. Also, the NEED to build another polychrome thingy ? Shouldn't it be part of the rooms menu ? I DO need some material and paint cans if I want to change a room's color and need time to do so, and then it have to dry, but turning the light on/off or changing it's intensity only rely on the switch next to the door, or changing the bulb itself to get another color, and it hardly take hours to do so...

-Broken "sleep" and alertness, A.K.A "why did you ninja-ruin equinox Adaro-runs ?" :

Multiple things to take into account here, 

1) might be a simple unintended bug, ...but if it's not then

2) players doing adaro this way are only using the game in an intended way. You have to get one of the 2 single frames able to achieve this, namely, ivara and equinox, and both are unusually hard to get on average, Ivara because it requires full spies and rng, and equinox because you need RNG over the RNG itself (8 parts, really...) when it could have used something like... "hey, it's day time on Uranus, Tyl Regor is going to drop the 4 dayparts only"(and obviously, the night parts at night)

3) Players doing this are SOLOING, because a) it's a nightmare trying to do those in public, b) even in premade teams, the multiplier doesn't affect other players while each player needs to refresh his/her own stealthkill counter, and c) any player being seen is enough to deny anyone of the bonus, multiple rooms away.

4) Some Players doing this are SOLOING, by choice, because there is no other option for them (like, high ping, or an unstable internet connection, meaning they're already frustrated enough from being kicked out of multiplayer games...). Making them rely on Sanctuary Onslaught is asking them to play a gamemode specifically designed with multiplayer in mind, with wider spawns and no respite, alone, with no advantage whatsoever in term of efficiency decline...

5) YES, this is sort of "minmaxing" the game, which is, for all I can remember, NOT something DE wants to prevent since the ViverGate debacle... A.K.A. "There will always be a lootcave...". Players are only relying on Adaro because of the lack of anything else. No better mechanics to get amplified bonus (so they try to get the better out of the "stealthkill+focus convergence orb" combo). No other maps with high lvl enemies and the correct type of mission that isn't already "ALERTED" the second you step into it (A.K.A. "no stealthkills in defense/mobdef/survival/etc" ).

Maybe having some other sort of skill multiplier could help, something like "not missing a shot for so long", "having a high percentage of headshots/oneshots", "doing a tactical choice like removing that scrambus helmet instead of just emptying clips on it", etc. It could certainly use a global rework for localised damages, adding in the depth of the game, instead of always spreading wider with more "new content" (which has always been told to DE about warframe)

How about shooting off those big bulky grineer spaulders off and be able to access the tender, unprotected, prone-to-bleed grineer meat that is hidden behind ?

What if when a bombard is aiming and about to shoot, I dislocate his shoulder joint and he loses strength in that arm, shoot at the ground 3ft in front of him instead of Tennos, and blow away some of the standard grineers massing around him?

How about being able to cut off the feeding pipe from a napalm's reservoir to his ~ogris~, and have him lay a trail of flammable liquid, which if ignited (fire or electric based shots, or some sparks generating melee hits against anything metallic enough, depending on the weapon, as a ceramic/organic blade wouldn't give off spark) would lay a wall of fire burning foes and prevent others from coming through ? or shooting off it's reservoir protective plating and making it go BOOM ?

How about those shield bashers (shield lancers ?) that like to hide and shoot from behind their shields, what if stacking enough magnetic shots on their shields were to charge it, and cause a localised attraction affecting their bullets and weapons ? like if another enemy pass by them, their weapon would suddenly "stick" to the shield for a few seconds, allowing you to either shoot at disarmed opponents, or shoot their weapons stuck on the shield to blow them up, damaging the grineer lancer in the process ? what if you charge it up, run to him, and kick him flat on the metallic ground ? Shouldn't he be squished like a fruit between neodymium magnets ?

How about some of them having Ceramic bullets and weaponry, clearly, not affordable for every unit, since we mow them by the thousands every day, but that would once in a while not react the way we expect it to, and challenge the players with some actual fun RNG ?

All of those thoughts (and it's only a draft) would bring in a level of skill and polish to the game like never before, not preventing anyone to use an angstrum shooting 40 rockets at once to obliterate a lvl 5 unit for fun, but clearly adding depth and skill in anything "more than average-difficulty", giving everyone more interesting endgame content, and giving a wider choice of loadout customizations (no more "don't bring magnetic to fight grineers, dude" since it would actually have a purpose). And all of those new mechanics could be tied with a "skill multiplier" bonus during gameplay, affecting the focus gain.


If you think any of those need to be seen by DE, please upvote/quote so it may end up seen by whoever is managing these subjects at DE


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Saryn Spores still randomly locks, i casted, and then game frezed for a sec and spores got locked, also the spores spread radius should be increased by 1m to be more useful.

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Hello DE,

I've been playing Warframe for over a year on PS4 servers, and recently moved into the PC servers because I wanted to play this game with a friend that I introduced this game to, and started over using this account. I enjoyed this game due to the option of playing it in console format, where I can still play with my PC friend while using my controller that I am used to using. However, with the update that came today (5/17/18), I am rather disappointed. I must now deal with a cursor that I must move around with a joystick, and I am not appreciating it. The button to confirm had changed from X to square, and I am always confused with that. I would like to ask to revert some of the features, such as the removal of the cursor, so that selection could be done on the D-pad. I assume that me and many users that use the controller would appreciate the option to revert to the old settings, so please consider to add the option to use the old control format.

PS: The updated visuals look much better, and am looking forward to the complete upgrade of it. 

PSS: I was wondering if the transfer of account from PS4 to PC is possible or not. I feel that I put so much effort and dedication to that account, but now that I purchased a fine gaming PC, I felt that it was time to move to PC and play with the majority of my friends. No money was spent on that account, but that's what made my account more valuable to me. All the prime frames, weapons, mods, and cosmetics that I had unlocked were all earned from my long-spent time and determination to the game, and the effort to trade, bargain, sell, and obtain was not half-assed. I really felt accomplished raising that account to the current state it is in, and so I feel regret in needing to leave it behind. Hopefully, something can be done.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Now I wasn't on for the initial post so 22.20.2 will have to do.

The MADMEN (and women) actually did it, they fixed the Panthera's punch through! This is one hell of an update, overall I like it.

One thing though but I am slightly appeased with my precious punch through...Disarming purity still affects alt fires on secondary weapons. Take your time though now...life is good.

Good stuff DE, looking forward to checking out more of the update.

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