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Taking Forever To Level Up My Sentinel (Second Star)


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So When the sents came out, I got em all and levelled em. No problems there.


When Dethcube came out, I got it and maxed it. No problems there. Now, I used forma on Dethcube and it's taking forever to level it. I'm on my second forma ant's still rank 18. I have levelled and used 3 forma on Nova and it's still rank 18.


Am I doing something wrong?


Is there a bug?

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to level cubes gun u take vapourize off your cube, fit a frame with crowd control abilities or utility, run as low level missions as you can that ur cube kills consistently and comfortably only using your weapon when needed to get it to a decent level after than it should level better until 30


i think the actual cube itself let it use its gun and abilities like regen, sancutary , guardian and vapourize ? or just run more missions where u receive shared xp which u will get less after xp nerf bad timing


nova is prob the worst frame to use lvling a cube

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thanks for the insight... it sucks that it works this way now. They should just consider it a frame like they did back then. We just killed stuff and the sents leveled like frames. >_>

Meh I think warframes take most of their XP by taking damage and damaging/hitting with powers. So warframes level up a lot quicker because they get hurt more and have more powerful powers compared to precepts and they collect affinity orbs too. Imo it's not that big of a deal, there are only 3 sentinels, but a lot more warframes.


Oh! And you get more bonus XP on a warframe/weapon/sentinel if your team gets lots of the corresponding XP, so if other players have sentinels in match yours should get more bonus XP.

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