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Dude the question is more like this:


Do intend to kill with bow? If yes, those lvl 20 and bellow will fear you. Since you will hardly kill anything higher than that. BUT, Bo is a CC AoE weapon.


If it doesn't stagger the enemy, it send him flying.


It's a cheap weapon, make it, and test it yourself. You won't regret it

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It's meh; like Scott mentioned in the Livestream yesterday, there are weapons that are meant for early, mid and late game, and the Bo is definitely a early-mid game weapon. New players will love it. Those of us with weapons like the Orthos laugh at it.

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It has a great range, a pretty decent attack speed.

It ignores armor and doesnt deal extra damage to light infested.


I find the autoattack animation awkward, but the charge attack is very quick, if not hard hitting, and has a great range without reach.


I liked it for midgame, but having to take 2-3 charged attacks to kill light units got old really fast. I sold it just the other day to make room for something else.


The knockback-flying thing is overstated. If you dont kill something, they get knocked back - but its not very far at all, not like the Kogake or Kestrel. Its still a decent CC, but no more effective imo than a stagger melee weapon. Plus you gotta go track th enemy down or shoot it, which kinda defeats imo the purpose of a close quarters weapon.


Then again, I hated the kestrel, so ./grain of salt

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