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dojo lighting issues

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1) in the floating lantern room, we cannot change lantern light colour. please allow us to change it. i just want to make the it a softer yellower glow.
2) also the fog particles decoration seems to ignore lighting which means it looks white even in dark rooms. please make it interact properly with lighting.


3) as u can see, the lantern's yellow light is coloured separately to its light source. the light source takes the colour of those spotlights instead. so the lantern glows yellow and some how shines red onto surrounding surface...


21410ea.jpg4) brightness needs to be toned down in a lot of the dojo rooms/hallways




5) accent lighting assumes u want the energy light on the walls to be bright enough to actually affect the lighting and colouring of the room. some times we dont want that.
For example i want blue energy lights on the wall and floor but i want the room to have normal white lighting, and not look like a funky night club.
Can we please get some options to control this?
i suggest a simple toggle that just brightens the energy light so it can be used as accent light (or not if we leave it as a dim light).

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