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On 2018-05-18 at 3:09 PM, -ODIN-Bim63743 said:




Odin Network - Rank 10 - Moon Clan open recruitment


Image result for about transparent About Us Image result for about transparent


We are a group of people who strive to have good connections with each other not only through gaming but through everyday personal connections. We are a multi-game community with one of the most active voice chat discord in warframe. Unlike many other clans were only 1 or 2 people get on per day our voice chats are always filled with people.


gXfMZ7US8O_F8PQfNL9pVJEleFwEmAoqQPfNmR9QSJ-ZWxK6P2xPH9V7wOPyoaCGe3_zb-k9_oh-RhSWA-7vF28KCYmOGRI1oZjKd9zcg6NZuczmyQy2eDknMsqy0Bm5vFb3mgAS Why should you join us? moTwhYJ2-9xxg807un3Bb80dwtmYAfNxEcsVFgQAKrtbGVBBTVBpbKXe9iwRcNgpj-LilfQ5NipdlBZl4JLpkuqq7YVbBebxhnxGuPjvS3_jEaIQV6tq0QrF2rqTUGARZvajJGJx


We have 100% Research which allows us to focus on more of a community aspect then a endless farming of the Hema for example.


Out dojo was designed by expert craftsmen who spent days upon days designing and building the design, focusing on comfort, compression, and over aesthetics.


Our staff are well trained and are selected by a select few so only the most professional players and members become staff. (About 1%)


We are an international clan allowing members to join from many places around the world. Leadership based in many places in the world including…

(These languages are supported, but we mainly speak English)


We are run by our members who donate via patreon! (https://www.patreon.com/OdinNetwork)


Israel ✡  (Hebrew)

Canada🍁 (English)

Russia ® (Russian)

America 🎺 (English)

Upon with many more smaller groups!


cidDhdZZaRWXohPJ_p1iiqNyeUHzU9V4OFucF-j-DnwWMX8oUzG9smcWntgu9im4KxCVOxPSA0VGIGXYwP-TSa3q7ORJQ6rSDX6bEUZey-pAdoupcMht5sJVFl0F87Lo1hGfVyYC Requirements to join! cidDhdZZaRWXohPJ_p1iiqNyeUHzU9V4OFucF-j-DnwWMX8oUzG9smcWntgu9im4KxCVOxPSA0VGIGXYwP-TSa3q7ORJQ6rSDX6bEUZey-pAdoupcMht5sJVFl0F87Lo1hGfVyYC


  1. Active and friendly.

  2. Ability to show respect.

  3. Participation in discord.

  4. Participation in clan events.

  5. MR 2+ (We believe everyone active, and respectful is welcome)


:tdm: Inactivity Limits: 14 Day offline time :tdm:


If you are interested in joining us please leave a reply below this post!


Ingame name:

Discord name:
Mastery rank:

Languages are spoken:

Where are you from: (Optional)


You may also go and follow our social media links more information of our website!


Warframe Forum Group : https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/1140-odin-network/ (Secure Connection)


Website  : https://www.odinnetwork.com/      (Secure connection)

Twitter   : https://twitter.com/OdinNetwork/   (Secure connection)

Youtube :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwx6pbqiR_X47NH7MN4IbaQ (Secure Connection)

Patreon  : https://www.patreon.com/OdinNetwork (How we collect funds for clan)


gBqRAQ2oSwgjZzHS_F8mujAKzpOo31YJbYQ4x5ZxImmys9QbbIbXT8GMmxHt5pVTIHJKAAjxcJsFFTpy54QhF9ZVOt4xM9mBycKZ77brN2-Ckg-1Vc3oNF_LxQhXpKaOkvNS54H8 Join our discord everyone is welcome! gBqRAQ2oSwgjZzHS_F8mujAKzpOo31YJbYQ4x5ZxImmys9QbbIbXT8GMmxHt5pVTIHJKAAjxcJsFFTpy54QhF9ZVOt4xM9mBycKZ77brN2-Ckg-1Vc3oNF_LxQhXpKaOkvNS54H8



Ingame Name: VoidInfinitum

Discord Name: VoidInfinitum

Mastery Rank: 10, almost 11

Languages Spoken: English

Where am i from: America, North Carolina specifically 

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On 2019-01-16 at 7:27 PM, VoidInfinitum said:

Ingame Name: VoidInfinitum

Discord Name: VoidInfinitum

Mastery Rank: 10, almost 11

Languages Spoken: English

Where am i from: America, North Carolina specifically 

Come onto our discord we can help you out there!

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