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Ingame name: TOOmuchgravity

Discord name: sEND MEmes#2666
Mastery rank: 15

Languages are spoken: english

Where are you from: (Optional)

Kansas City, Missouri

was previously in clan but took a brief break and was past the inactive period and would love to be re-added since im getting back into it!

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Ingame name: Christian2962

Discord name: Christian296 (Already in discord)
Mastery rank: 11

Languages are spoken: English

Where are you from: (Optional) USA

Edited by Christian2962
adding that i'm already in the discord
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On 2019-06-17 at 11:52 AM, cracked87 said:

Do you still have the 14 day inactive? Because Im pretty sure I only was offline for around 10 days, and Im kicked?

I was told the kick date is 7 days after I saw I was out in the street. Need to update the clan rules at least before kicking. I saw someone labeled as "Acting General" talking smack to other clan members who were demoted for inactivity. I never really noticed any activity other than just the normal ideal banter in the clan chat. Not sure what we need to be active for in the first place. Should have known something was up when I noticed the alliance was broken.

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